Need EDM Shop in Glendale/Burbank/North Hollywood, CA (low volume)
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    Default Need EDM Shop in Glendale/Burbank/North Hollywood, CA (low volume)

    I need a recommendation for a shop that has an EDM machine (can be a small one).

    I need to open up the aperture of a film projector (one-off), and I can run a few camera gates at the same time to make the job a bit more palatable. I have a few of each type of camera gate so it will be small quantity but not one-off.

    Drawings will be provided.

    This is actually a very simple job for an EDM machine. I used to get the camera gates done in Miami, FL for $60 each.

    Prefer Glendale/Burbank/North Hollywood, CA area.

    Payment at completion of the job.

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    Send me a print and I will get you a quote. You can check on this web site for references.

    Thanks, Brian


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