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    Default Jones&lamson tc14 comparator

    Hi Guys
    I just got a J&L TC14 comparator and this is new to me the machine needs a clean up and what would be the best way to clean the optical parts the lenses are very dirty ase the lid was of the wood box and the front screen is very dusty .Any things to look for would be a grate help .
    Thanks Collector
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    Got one of those once. Glass frosted screen, only use ivory soap and warm water. Painted surfaces, use Murpy's Oil soap. The Ivory soap thing I got from a J&L calibrator guy.

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    That looks like a really nice machine and you have lots of work holding fixtures with it. It is not recommended to clean optical surfaces unless they are extremely dirty and effect the image. If it only looks dusty but your image is still fine then leave it alone. Comparators use front surface mirrors with aluminum and silicone plating on the top surface. This surface is very thin and very easy to scratch /damage. If you MUST clean them then blow them off with clean compressed air. Then spray alcohol on them to soften up the dirt, flush as much of the stuff away then rub very gently with a handful of cotton balls or cotton wadding - no rags no paper towels, no lens cleaning wipes. Its important to remove as much of the dust/dirt/gunk with the alcohol flush as possible because when you start rubbing them with cotton, any particles on the mirror will scratch the surface.

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    And a old ST 14 here that I see.

    Foaming glass cleaner.
    Do Not touch the mirrors.
    Spray some cleaner on and let it run off. Put some paper towels below to catch the run off.
    Repeat as needed. Don't try to clean the few streaks left. They are not in the focal plane and will not hurt the image. Same with the lens.

    Dish soap soak and gentle wipe down on the screen. I use Viva paper towels here, gently, You don't want to kill the lines.

    just my 2 cents worth, proceed at your own risk.


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