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    Default Old Monarch 10EE wiring diagram

    I have been coming to this site to look up information for a year or two now. In the past I have been able to find what it was I was looking for but this time no luck so I am posting a question.

    I have an old 10EE (1942) Monarch lathe with the motor generator type drive. I am looking for the wiring diagram that was in the relay box, mine is too faded to read. I have looked and all I find are the ones for the newer machines. In the manual there is no real wiring diagram so can someone point me to one or email it to me.

    It looks like the coil on the forward relay is bad but want to check every thing first as that is no longer available. The machine runs in reverse but not forward unless I close the relay by hand.


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    I scanned in one of those coverplates and digitized it. It is also from a '42 MG.

    Schematic for Round dial 10EE


    Jon P.


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