Learning curve with Hitachi WJ200 VFD
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    Default Learning curve with Hitachi WJ200 VFD

    Hello everyone! I’ve been a member for sometime but have not posted anything yet. The wealth of information I have gained here is amazing, and hope to have something to contribute at some point.

    I recently purchased a SB Heavy 10 which came equipped with a 3 phase motor. I’m using this at home so 3 phase wasn’t available from he utility company. I could have replace the motor with a single phase, or go the other route (much cooler imho) and get a VFD. I opted for the Hitachi WJ200 single phase 120 in / 1hp 3 phase out model.

    I painstakingly went through the manual a dozen times and was able to get the base parameters of the motor inputted and get the motor to turn. Excited!

    Next, get some shielded wire and use the drum switch that came with it to control FWD/STOP/REV function through the control logic. Success!

    Step three, wire in a (2k 2 watt)pot to control frequency output. Success!

    Last step (for now) install a momentary N/O switch to use the jog function. The 429 page manual doesn’t seem to have much info on this in depth , at least not that I can find. What I gathered so far is:
    The same common (L terminal) as the FWD/REV is used, and the other side of the switch goes to T3. I went into parameter A038 and set to default frequency of 5hz, then A039 and set to 2.

    It’s not working and I feel like I’m missing something. I assume there’s a way to program direction of motor rotation while using the jog function?

    Thank you so much for any help in advance!



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    This kinda thing is oftern a pain in the ass on most VFD's, often you have to set the same settings in multiple parameters, ie for a jog you have to set it on the control input option, a jog direction parameter, jog duration etc. Also some times how you have the stop set can effect it, i have no experience with that VFD, but i know on more than a few stop can very much disable jogging if set to the wrong kinda stop if that makes sense?

    Hope that helps, but the answer will be in the manual, but its common that VFD manuals don't do a good job of referencing the other settings a given function needs. Hence it oftern takes some digging. Might be worth checking there website see if they offer any support, this kinda stuff is easy once you know all the little nuances.

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    Check cnc ___zone and other cnc hobby sites. They're heavy into that inverter and pulled me trough a couple of times. It's a nightmare, that's for sure.

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