Scam in Washington State, asking for Annual MInutes
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    Default Scam in Washington State, asking for Annual MInutes

    We received an official looking letter in a green envelope from Corporate Records Service last week asking for $125.00 to report our annual minutes. The wife was complaining at first and then did a search and found this.

    BBB warns of

    It is a scam so everyone watch out, as they are in other states as well.

    If the moderator thinks this is important enough to move to General or sticky, please do.

    Wife earns two points for catching that one.

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    Thanks for bringing this up.

    From years of corporate law experience I can tell you that 1) it is incredibly important to file your corporate annual reports and board minutes with your state 2) you can do it yourself without the help of parasitic dickheads like this outfit.

    If you don't file annual reports, keep minutes, etc. you lose the advantage of the corporate shield against liability, not to mention whatever insurance you have guarding against the same.

    but you can do it on on your own without these jagoffs.

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    We got one of these in the mail also, so they are sending them out in Illinois as well. I am getting so tired of scams. Sad these people can't take there time to figure out a productive way to help instead of scamming people. My dad just fell for one from a phone company, that said they were our company,basically hooking on are phone bill double billing us for all our calls.I think scammers when caught should be hung by there balls in the public square for all to see, that might stop some of the bs.Later Jason.

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    thanks for this- I got one of these in the mail, and the wife was wondering if it was real, but thanks to you I knew it went straight into the recycling bin.
    in our state, Washington, there is NO state requirement to file any annual minutes. Its a total scam.

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    I have caught several of these scam type things. My wife tends to be very trusting, almost to the point of being gullible. I, on the other hand, am severely skeptical. I have developed a habit in which if anything smells even a little bit funky, I google "fill in the blank with whatever I am skeptical about" folowed by the word scam. Usually brings back a metric butt-load of hits if it's fishy. A buddy of mine tried getting me to join a penny auction called zeekler. I typed "zeekler scam" into google and viola, everything I ever thought it might be came up. If someone is tryin to screw you, chances are they already screwed somebody else! One instance in which the internet is your friend.


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