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    Default Machinist Magazines

    Which machinist magazines are good for beginners,simple projects,lots of pictures of tooling, general information, etc. Thanks JB

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    On the hobby side there's Home Shop Machinist (paid subscription).
    Many excellent articles. Take a look at some back issues. They're readily available on ebay etc.

    For the trade, Modern Machine Shop has lots of good information. Been around forever.

    I'm sure there are many others.

    It depends to some extent on your interests. If you're pursuing some particular endeavor you might want to give us a bit more information.

    - Leigh

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    The older "Projects in Metal" magazines would be good. They had alot of shop projects. That has changed its name to the Machinist's Workshop and is geared to the beginner. The home shop machinist has many articles but some of the articals are geared to the more advanced operator. Alot can be learned from any of the ones mention by leigh. Do you have a particular interest. If it is model engines and trains then some of the Live Steam magazines from the late 70-90's would be good or even Modeltec if you can find them. Althought throught the years The HomeShop machinist has had a great number of engine projects also. I think that you can find some other construction magazines on google but I don't remember the name right now. Model engineering is another good one , great mix of projects and construction series and general learning.

    Another trade magazine is "American Machinist" Since the economic down turn it is more of a pamplet but it used to be a great magazine. If you could find a stack of the older ones you would be in heaven.


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    Not american but actually my favourite of the lot is the UK publication Model Engineering Workshop. Despite its name it's zilch on models and all about the workshop. It covers a lot of smaller hobby type setups, especially for those who are aspirationally rich but workshop poor. The sister publication is model engineer, both available in the US by subscription.


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    Default Machining Magazines

    Since we are on the subject of magazines, here are some which have not been mentioned and some which were.

    Digital Machinist, Home Shop Machinist, Machinist's Workshop, and Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading are all published by the same publisher.
    Village press sells lots of compilations from back issues, etc. They also have online forums.

    Many articles from Modern Machine Shop can be read online at, even if you aren't a subscriber to the dead tree edition. Click on "articles" to see the latest issue.

    Machinery magazine is long gone and back issues hard to come by but there was the Machinery's Reference Series which had reprints of articles which you can still get copies of and at least one volume of the reference series can be found at the internet archive or on google books:
    The Machinery's Handbook, of course, lives on.

    American Machinist:

    The newsletter of the Houston based Home Metal Shop Club has some useful articles if you dig through the archive.

    Model Engineer:

    Some more magazines listed here:
    These are more trade oriented.

    The first ones listed by village press, Model Engineer, and the Home Metal Shop Club are probably more suited for beginner/hobby oriented/user of small machines.

    There are also video's available.
    MIT tech TV has 10 free videos which average about 45 minutes each and
    are a basic course in using the Lathe, Mill, and other shop tools
    Smartflix has lots of Machining videos to rent:
    And there are some videos on youtube.

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    My vote would be for Model Engineers' Workshop. Cover to cover machines, tooling and technique. The price is a bit more but they are up to 10 or 11 issues a year I think, almost monthly.

    The have in the past had series for beginners on the lathe and mill.

    Link to MEW website


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