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    hello all,
    I am new here (this is my 3rd post) and have to say this is a GREAT idea!!! I am in need of a number of tools for the restoration of my 1936 workshop model. Is the 5/16 pin spanner wrench a tool I should own or borrow? I also am in need of the tapered pin for installing new gits oilers and possibly a brass drift designed for installing the bronze bushings in a horizontal drive standard. I am not in need of these right now as I am still in the disassembly process/acquiring parts mode, but will need them this next spring.

    If you have any doubts about my trustworthiness I assure you I can be trusted. I am old school,(and old!lol) I still believe in the barter system and that a handshake is just as good as a signed document. I grew up in my Grandfathers house, he was a farm boy, raised during the depression and a WW2 and Korean war combat veteran. He often gave me life advice which I always took to heart. One thing he told me more than any other was "A man is only as good as his word, if his word is no good then the man is no good."

    Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Patrick

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