Hi to all,
I have bought about 1 years ago a new motor and a so call "union graduate remote
pendant" for my Myford lathe. The Teco 7300CV Inverter I hade bought some time
be for.
I found now the time to install all this to my Myford and it works all fine BUT
the Revers switch on the pendant will not work.
I put all the parameter I got send with the remote pendant in to the Teco but no
Revers is enabled set to 0000
Set to 3- wire control 0002
Parameter 5-00 0000
Parameter 5-01 0001
Parameter 5-02 0002
(But in the Manuel is written "As 3 wire control mode is selected, the terminal
S1, S2 and S3 is not controlled by 5-00, 5-01 and 5-02.?!)
When I switch from the Teco it self in to REV it will work fine.
If I push the Rev from the remote pendant the rev light will blink up on the
Teco ( only as long as I press the Rev) but nothing will happen. If I press the
REV button and hold it and push than the FWD button the motor will run in REV as
long I keep pushing the REV butten or press on stop!
For the wiring:
white is 24V (PNP selected on the Teco)
yellow S1
brown S2
blue S3

I hope some one can help me to solv this problem.
Thanks Olaf