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In 2000, PracticalMachinist.com was created as a forum to connect people with a passion for metalworking. The heart of Practical Machinist is still our free online forum where professional machinists of all levels share their experiences, find answers to their questions and connect with their peers in real-time.

Over the years, Practical Machinist has evolved into a network that reaches across every major social media platform to connect and bring content to metalworking professionals and enthusiasts everywhere. Our forum has more than 150,000 registered members, 3.2 million posts and 1 million visits per month. In combination with our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, email and other outposts, we reach millions of people every month and have become a trusted resource for metalworking professionals.

We hope you will join us—to ask questions, share your knowledge and immerse yourself in the community that is driving manufacturing forward.

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Practical Machinist’s mission is to be the most active and valued online community in the industry – connecting metalworking professionals and manufacturing enthusiasts with the people, ideas and resources that help them be more productive and successful.



“PM community has pushed me through a lot of obstacles and led me to promotions. Thank you, guys!”

This a great site and nice to see our trade in a comeback.”

“Old school machinist here, glad to find this site.”

“Glad you are here, I have used the knowledge on your site numerous times in the past!”

“I enjoy this site for all that it brings together, worldwide insight to many situations in machining and life in general.”

“This will be the 4th hire we have made via contacts made through Practical Machinist, each of which have been among the best employees I have had the privilege of working alongside in my career.”

“I was a lurker on this site long before I joined in 2004. To me, it is continuing education. It’s disingenuous to assume in this field that we have a combined knowledge of years of experience without having some vehicle for combining that knowledge. That is specifically what a forum does. If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

“Anyone that is spending time here is obviously engaged with their career or education on a higher level. My coworkers make fun of me for being on this site. I just chuckle to myself, if only they knew the wealth of information here. I have made a handful of excellent contacts through this site.”