Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing, A Match Made in Heaven

October 31, 2019 10:26 am

Additive is being used more often to make tools for subtractive manufacturing.

Probably didn’t expect that headline… we are all aware of the tension between both additive and subtractive manufacturing. Take a look into this new perspective of the relationship of additive and subtractive manufacturing from Kip Hanson, who has been reporting on manufacturing for over 35 years.

“I get to speak with product specialists and technical experts from all across the manufacturing industry, a significant number of which are embracing the 3D printing technology that many prognosticators said would one day put machine shops out of business. It should be clear to everyone involved at this point, however, that nothing of the sort will happen,” says Hanson.

The two technologies are actually entering a phase, a promising long-lasting one, of a mutually beneficial marriage. A prime example of which are cutting tools. Iscar and Sandvik Coromant are just a couple examples of manufacturers who are welcoming this newfound relationship. Machine shops, however, are not the only ones to work with additive manufacturing, we are seeing similar relationships on the sheet metal side of business.

“Add to that the universe of homegrown and commercially produced jigs, fixtures, robotic grippers, layup tools, and other manufacturing aids, and it should be clear to even the most conventionally minded of manufacturers that owning a 3D printer could add significant value to their operations, even if they have no desire to sell additively manufactured products.”


Learn more about this newfound, positive relationship of additive and subtractive manufacturing. Read the full article here.

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