ANCA Launches Revolutionary ToolRoom RN35 Software to Elevate Productivity and Performance

June 28, 2024 10:33 am

ANCA’s RN35 release delivers advanced features to help manufacturers reduce cycle time by 20%. 

ANCA, a global leading manufacturer of CNC tool and cutter grinders, proudly introduces RN35, the latest version of its cutting-edge ToolRoom software. This significant launch coincides with the celebration of ANCA’s 50th anniversary, marking a half-century contribution to industrial progress through precision cutting tools.

The RN35 release presents a range of advanced features designed to boost productivity and ensure consistent tool quality, resulting in superior surface finishes. By enabling faster cycle times and enhancing tool performance, manufacturers can drive up their profits effectively.

ANCA’s ToolRoom RN35 software offers:

  • Cycle time reduction of up to 20% with advanced features and functions, optimizing feedrate, improving superior surface finish, and extending wheel life.
  • New developments including the integration of material removal rate calculations, allowing manufacturers to automatically set parameters for constant removal rates, plus air-time reduction.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) software for statistical analysis and evaluation of manufactured part characteristics streamlines manufacturing processes.
  • Profile fluting further enhancing the popular flute from solid feature of the proprietary ANCA software.

Thomson Mathew, Software Product Manager at ANCA says: “It is no secret that flexibility, user-friendliness and application diversity have always been key strengths of ANCA software. With our RN34 release, we launched high performance cutting tools of different tool types. Continuing from this, our RN35 release focuses on elevating the user experience, enhancing performance, boosting productivity, and minimizing cycle times – all without compromising quality.”

“ANCA is the only tool and cutter grinder manufacturer in the world that designs and produces the complete machine in-house, including building the CNC, precision motors and spindles, and polymer concrete bases. Our dedicated Software Engineering team is focused on developing software with innovative enhancements, with the goal of making tool production easier, faster and more efficient for our customers. This level of vertical integration means we can consider the entire machine as a single system when developing new solutions,” Thomson concludes.

Established in 1974, ANCA has consistently delivered industry-first solutions that have reshaped cutting tool manufacturing. The introduction of the System 32 CNC software in 1991 marked a groundbreaking moment as ANCA applied advanced robotic software to the machine world, introducing novel concepts in tool grinding, including the innovative soft axis or soft machine kinematics, which simplified the grinding process for cutting tools. In 1998, ANCA was the first to introduce true 3D simulation technology for CNC tool and cutter grinding with the launch of CIM3D software.

Key Highlights of RN35:

Feedrate optimization: RN35 includes feedrate optimization, ensuring improved cycle time and increased productivity. The software facilitates stable tool quality with a superior surface finish, offering enhanced performance for CNC tool manufacturing.

Improved cycle time and wheel life: With RN35, manufacturers can experience improved cycle time and extended wheel life. The software provides uniform wheel wear on the surface of the grinding wheel, contributing to cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

SPC (Statistical Process Control): ANCA’s revamped SPC software empowers users with comprehensive control of the production process during high-volume manufacturing. Key features include:

  • Monitoring variations due to wheel wear and other process-controlled activities.
  • Graphical display of process capability data, facilitating future quality control (QC) purposes.
  • Trend chart analysis of wheel wear data during batch grinding, enabling auto compensation after data analysis.
  • Access to historic data and the ability to merge data as needed.
  • New reporting features in PDF and Excel formats for measurement and study reports.

Profile fluting: RN35 introduces profile fluting, providing the ability to control and maintain hook/rake angle along the trajectory of the cutting edge on a given profile. This enhancement increases cutting performance and extends the life of the tool due to uniform hook/rake angle along the edge.

I3dg improvements: ANCA has enhanced i3dg features, allowing for faster comparison of tools on the machine during small changes. The software also enables the measurement of features after changes, providing a seamless validation process.

Profile software improvements: RN35 introduces a new and easy way to define and modify profiles, saving time in the design stage. This improvement makes it easy for new starters to adapt to the software.

LaserUltra enhancements: LaserUltra enhancements allow for the measurement and compensation of more complex tools with line and arcs inside the machine. This feature saves customers cycle time and reduces the scrap rate, ensuring better tool quality independent of operator skills.

Double corner radius enhancements: RN35 brings advancements in manufacturing complex geometry tools for various industries, enhancing the versatility of CNC tool production.

VRML import: The ability to import VRML models in RN35 gives users a strategic advantage by facilitating the easy import and matching of competitor tools.

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