Celebrating Women in Engineering Day at Sandvik Coromant

June 24, 2024 2:50 pm

Women in Engineering Day was on June 23, and Sandvik Coromant celebrates the achievements and contributions of our female engineers who continue to drive innovation and excellence in the industry. This day is a testament to the hard work, dedication and trailblazing spirit of women engineers around the world. At Sandvik Coromant, we are privileged to have several exceptional women leaders and engineers who inspire and lead by example.

Spotlighting Our Engineers

Helen Blomqvist, the current president of Sandvik Coromant, is a primary example of leadership and expertise in engineering. With an impressive engineering background, Helen has steered the company toward new heights of innovation and operational excellence. Her vision and strategic thinking have played a crucial role in positioning Sandvik Coromant as a global leader in the metal cutting industry.

Similarly, Veronica Messersmith, president of Sandvik Coromant Americas, exemplifies the spirit of engineering and leadership. With an engineering degree and extensive industry experience, Veronica has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success across the Americas. “Being a woman in engineering means breaking barriers and challenging the status quo,” Veronica says. “It is about demonstrating that diversity drives innovation and that women can thrive and lead in traditionally male-dominated fields.”

Annika Langeen, the vice president of offer management and R&D at Sandvik Coromant, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organization. Her engineering background and innovative mindset have been pivotal in advancing research and development initiatives. Annika’s leadership has been key in developing cutting-edge solutions that meet evolving customer needs.

Jenevieve Yao, an R&D engineer at Sandvik Coromant, represents the next generation of female engineers making a difference. Her passion for research and development, coupled with her engineering acumen, has led to significant contributions in product innovation. Jenevieve shares, “Today’s engineering landscape offers unprecedented opportunities for women. As the field grows more inclusive, the unique perspectives and skills women bring not only enrich the profession but also drive innovative and meaningful contributions.”

Introducing Girls to Engineering

Sandvik Coromant recently held an “Introduce a Girl to Engineering” event at the Global HQ in Sandviken, Sweden. Female engineers from Sandvik Coromant showcased their amazing work and achievements, inspiring young girls to pursue a career in engineering. The event featured a competition, and the winner got the exciting opportunity to attend the Women in Engineering convention in Stockholm alongside one of Sandvik Coromant’s female engineers. This initiative is part of ongoing efforts to encourage young women to explore and excel in engineering fields.

Partnerships and Collaborations Supporting Women in STEM

Sandvik Coromant is committed to supporting women in STEM through various partnerships and collaborations. The power of community and mentorship is crucial to foster the next generation of female engineers. The collaboration with Female Lead Engineers (FLE) supports and promotes women pursuing engineering careers, providing a platform for female engineers to connect, share experiences and gain insights from industry leaders. Annika Langeen, who is the sponsor of the program, states, “Our partnership with Female Lead Engineers is vital in empowering women to pursue careers in engineering. It provides a robust support system and showcases the success of female engineers, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. It means a lot to me that Sandvik Coromant partners with such an impactful organization, as it aligns with our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

Active involvement with Tillväxt Sverige supports initiatives aimed at recognizing and nurturing the future female leaders of the Swedish industry. Furthermore, Sandvik Coromant supports the Female Lead Engineer Awards, an initiative that celebrates outstanding female engineering students who demonstrate exceptional leadership potential.

Scholarships and Educational Programs

To further support the growth and development of female engineering students, Sandvik Coromant offers various scholarships and mentorship programs. The ongoing partnership with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) includes the establishment of the Sandvik Coromant Centre on-site. Each year, scholarships are awarded to deserving students in a special ceremony, recognizing their achievements and encouraging them to pursue their engineering dreams. In recognition of these efforts, Sandvik Coromant was honored with the Distinguished Partner award in May 2024 for outstanding support of female engineering students and future generations of manufacturing.

As we celebrate Women in Engineering Day, we acknowledge the incredible contributions of women engineers at Sandvik Coromant and around the world. Their dedication, innovation and leadership continue to shape the future of engineering, inspiring the next generation to reach new heights.


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