Increasing the Quality of Bores with Indexable Inserts

Source: June 26, 2018 3:43 pm

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When performing deep drilling operations, single-lip drills with indexable indexes should always be preferred to soldered tools.

The advantages are multiple and evident, especially when considering the bore quality and the performance.

Compared to drilling tools, single-lip drills are capable of delivering significantly better bore surfaces with lower gradients. Although commonly used in deep drilling, this tool is often used for applications featuring less deep bores that require a high-quality output. In the plastics industry, for example, the smoothness of the surfaces is key.

Albeit good results can be obtained with single-lip drills with soldered cutting edges, indexable inserts with single-lip drills should always be preferred to further maximize the quality of the bores and increase the performance.

Among the vast array of advantages that this type of tool can bring:

  • Possibility to increase the feed rates or reduce machine power
  • The rails, made of coated carbide, provide additional smoothing to the bore wall
  • Possibility to use underlays to finely adjust the diameter of the guide rails by hundredths.
  • Sintered chipformers optimize the chip formation
  • Interchangeable blades don’t have to be reground, resulting in less running costs and constant availability
  • The use of different carbide types and geometries makes targeted process adaptation possible, ultimately allowing the user to get by with fewer tools and save further costs.






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