Infographic: a Comparison between Laser Cutter and Wire EDM

Source: March 15, 2019 11:54 am


Laser cutters and wire EDMs have a lot in common. They both tend to be the most suitable machines for operations that require tight tolerances and they both utilize fine-point thermal technology to cut and shape work materials.

When choosing where to invest your money, however, it’s usually more important to be aware of the differences between the two technologies in order to better understand what’s the solution that better fits your needs.

Machinery Marketing International created a simple, yet clear infographic that answers some basic questions you may have had about the differences between lasers and EDMs.


Credit: Machinery Marketing International

From the infographic, it’s easy to understand how wire EDMs are more suitable to work on thicker parts that are difficult to manipulate using other cutting methods. Laser cutters, on the other hand, are more suitable to cut thin workpieces, such as metal sheets, at a faster rate.

In the end, each machine has its own advantages and benefits and choosing the right technology, as always, will depend on the needs of your machine shop.


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