Short documentary on small fab shop

December 10, 2010 7:02 am

Original thread started by Milacron on 12-02-10, 7:02AM

Member Frank Ford first made us aware of this high quality short.

From the Veta Brevis film notes-

Metal-fabricator Neil Youngberg never planned on taking over his grandfather’s business and is now faced with passing on his legacy.

In this short-form profile, VitaBrevisFilms interviews Neil Youngberg for the beginning exploration of our “Professional” series. Shot on location in Neil’s metal fabrication shop, the 3rd generation craftsman gives a sincere overview of his life’s work, dispensing hard-worn wisdom while illuminating the sobering realities of the role private business plays in an ever changing economic landscape. A deeply personal project for all involved, this on-going series seeks to shed-light on forgotten trades and practices in an evolving America.

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