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  • Good afternoon,

    I saw a post from quite a while back that you had 8 Acramatic 2100 Workstation boards. I was wondering if you still had any available and if you'd be willing to sell one. Thanks in advance.

    Zephyr Machine
    Long time no speak - I hope this mail finds you well and busy.

    Remember back a long and we were trying to get 2x mcodes on the same line for the robodrill.
    Have a look at this link - the guy's dealer worked it out.
    Why this isn't standard default but fanuc heh!

    Need Help! How to read two M-codes in same line - *******.com-The Largest Machinist Community on the net!
    I just got back to continue reading your thread. Where is your shop? Maybe we actually know each other.

    Josh Topper
    Wisconsin is a big State. If you were in the Milwakee area, the total cost to regrind your taper in place would be in the $2000.00 area. I have a man on Jury Duty and a man on his way to Boeing in Washington. I would have to send someone from here in Michigan to get it done this coming week.
    The specifications we try for are as follows:
    Runout, 50% of the specs on a new spindle, contact 95% plus. Upon completion of regrind, we will measure tool retention and write it on the report as well as the other specifications.
    If we can be of assistance give us a call at 517 629 9334 or fax at 517 629 9339. We have a web site at Spindle Grinding Service, Inc.*—*Have Grinder, Will Travel*—*Grinding spindle tapers in the machine" with on-site, in-plant, mobile, precision grinding equipment to reduce downtime, runout and teardown
    Walt Ammerman Jr. Spindle Grinding Service Inc.
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