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  • I'm keeping the 20 it's at my house. I'll get you some picture at some point.
    Darn i was hoping you say $300 and come get the 6ft'er
    I've got to get pict of it too and find out what Swing size etc.

    Left messages at the museum over in VT twice now no return calls.
    Join the club. I've got a 14" x 8' Lathe & Morse 1874 that I don't know what to do with. Meanwhile it doesn't take up that much room - although I might move it somewhere else (outside?) if the right larger swing lathe should show up.

    Send me pix of that 20" Flather. You can send to [email protected]. Warning though - right now I'm on field assignment for my company down in Florida (missed the recent snow storms, phew!) and will be here until Christmas 2011. So I won't be doing anything for a while on this.

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