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    OT - killing woodworn in fresh sawn white oak for trailer boards.

    Trev you are a bad man :D heat really is the go to method microwave the problem with poisons is the wood has to be saturated, so the wood becomes toxic seriously talk to exterminators who do microwave
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    Stainless ok for tool bit holder like this?

    Forget 300 series no one likes to machine it as in died and gone to hell 12L not good for that. 4140 pre hard good choice if you want stainless 400 series not bad to machine, needs to be hardened
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    Squaring up trailers.

    well they really should be damn near perfect from the manufacturer you know stacking of slight out of whack can become big deal. now the one you aren’t getting to check is the tow setup the customer has
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    What can we say about this part failure- bad design?

    Plywood doesn’t hold up well when you twist it add a little water and it gets worse. or put it another way it just isn’t hard enough sounds like you know how to fix it. the question is are there other spots like that?
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    Webley Cylinder Fitting

    Can’t think of a worse choice for carry or home defense if you want a Webley or other break top revolver keep it in the original chambering and reload if it’s a hard to come by round. they just aren’t up to the pressure of modern self defense rounds. I like 4 inch SW revolvers, great for the...
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    7mm cartridge choices

    7 08 or 7mm Swedish Mauser nice soft shooter
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    Started welder

    Kind of hard to beat a decent new inverter of adequate size for anything more then sheet metal you really need 220 power figure out how thick you want to be able to weld and size accordingly with duty cycle. as already pointed out check out Jodi’s reviews of the off brand welders there are some...
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    Foundry work - types of electric furnaces?

    Yup it’s the mold that is the expensive part of the process. you would have to do a huge quantity on castings to justify the price of an induction setup
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    OT - Is there any place to have a radiator made?

    Shouldn’t be a problem for a good radiator shop look for a place that does truck radiators. oil coolers could complicate it some
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    Anyone used 10 year old GF Endurovar?

    You can use a nylon stocking to strain it thats what the guys who sold the line to General used to provide you looked like those socks women use, stretch it over the pot and poor , then toss em in water
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    Anyone used 10 year old GF Endurovar?

    Only problem i have had with age of the can is the whole can going off and having solid can with no liquid. but I have only had maybe 5 or 6 years on the shelf now the stuff I sprayed with it over 20 years back still looks like it did when new
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    Anyone use shipping container as concrete form?

    Look into precast sections you know like septic tanks Some of the precast utility vaults might just be the right size Now if you went with the container for the inside form you would still need an outside form So if you used snap ties you would run the horizontal 2x4s on the same spacing as on...
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    Plastic squirt bottles for coolant

    Got one that is well over 12 years old still works Only problem is blue chips can melt the end closed