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    Stuff for sale Stephenville Texas.Big stuff cheap!

    I understand the large machinery needs a special buyer but how are things like 4" morse taper drills only worth scrap? I am sure they cost a lot more than scrap to make and doesn't someone still need to drill large holes? Or have the carbide spade drills obsoleted the old HSS twist drills?
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    Almost had a new B&S horizontal mill

    So why not just go there and make them a fair offer? I just bought a great live steam locomotive on Ebay. The thing was an American style locomotive for sale in the UK so I don't think it was worth as much over there as the price was frankly very low. The seller at first was unreasonable...
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    rush job

    A few years back Pratt and Whitney couldn't make enough engines because our customer couldn't make a key engine part fast enough. Billions of dollars worth of unfinished airplanes were piling up at the Airbus factory and our customer realized they needed another of our machines fast to alleviate...
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    Rehiring an employee who quit?

    I think they should encourage you to be gone a little while longer. I work with a really good boomerang employee. He left for greener grass and when he didn't find it he came back with a better appreciation and attitude for what he had.
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    Way way OT: Auto subscription to use remote start or heated seats??!?!??!!

    Pretty sure the electronics in a heated seat should be rated Class 1 Div 1 group D based on the environment, ATEX zones are always a little more complicated! :)
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    Linear actuator for hydraulic application

    Why hydraulic? I think the electrical actuators are quite more advanced in the cost/performance range. Also you don't mention much about repeatibilty with positioning. I assume not accurate means a wide range? We do a lot of work with aircraft hydraulic actuators and with a $50,000 servo valve...
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    Best way to buy/ship expensive item online from UK without getting scammed?

    I am surprised customs is that smart that they would know what a pressure vessel is. I think I will just classify this one as a toy train for the paperwork. This seller's got all the boiler paperwork though slightly out of date as the engine hasn't ran in 6yrs. The UK has a much better system...
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    Best way to buy/ship expensive item online from UK without getting scammed?

    We don't need to pay VAT tax to get it into the USA and while it is a model steam locomotive the boiler paperwork clearly states 2009 as the build year. Anyone down by the south of England want to swing by and take a look it looks to be about 1/2hr north of Eastbourne in a rural town.
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    Best way to buy/ship expensive item online from UK without getting scammed?

    He's got about 1700 positives and one or 2 negatives. I am also wondering if he can't reoffer it to me at the same promotional fee rate and if this is/ isn't legit. I know Ebay's fees can be painful and have been getting worse so I don't 100% blame him. Does PayPal back their buyers? Not...
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    Best way to buy/ship expensive item online from UK without getting scammed?

    Yea right plane tickets are $1500, car rental, hotel, PTO days will all cost more than rolling the dice on this one.
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    Best way to buy/ship expensive item online from UK without getting scammed?

    I found an item in the $2K price range on Ebay. I was the 2nd highest bidder. Seller messaged me after the auction with a photo of his email said the buyer backed out. I think the story seems ok. He's willing to relist on Ebay but says that we need to wait till Ebay offers another promotion as...
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    Steam Launch in Auction in Nunda NY

    Anyone here have any practical experience with running a boat like that? I am a life long live steamer who built his own live steam locomotive. I love steam, fire machinery and smoke it's just addicting to play with. When I started building my locomotive the club I belonged to was on the...
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    ot Diesel Exhaust Fluid. shortage ? and trucking / shipping

    Funny question could the laws be suspended to allow the trucks to run without the DEF, pollute a little more but keep goods flowing? Of course that would be what a normal administration would do this one who knows?
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    Newall Topaz DRO erratic reading

    I got something similar but different on my C80 so I can't say for sure but it was cheap enough to try. My power supply died and I got a new one from McMaster but due to lack of standards on the plug the new one almost fit but didn't and the numbers were erratic. In my case I cut the old...
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    A question about early Automotive bearings...

    Not sure on the whole import thing for ball bearings. Locomobile was in Bridgeport Connecticut which is located about 35mins down the Naugatuck river valley from Bristol Ct which was home to New Departure Bearing. Not sure what year they got started making ball bearings but sources online say...