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  • Just a thought here about proxies, IF you use MSN for for a home page, scrool to the bottom and click on MSN Worldwide. It will give you several MSN sites you should be able to temporarily change to, Like United States, and possibly searching and downloading on that site might work? I have used european sites when I had dial up and when the net in the states was overloaded by school kids etc. at different times of the day. Probably Google does not have an aggreement with your country to spy on and pass on your search list to the Gov. Big brother! Good Luck! Information super highway with roadblocks! Who would have thunk it? Marsh

    regarding the FP33.

    that was about 5 years ago and I do not recall the guys name. I met him and saw his shop when I picked up an EBay purchase from him. He was about 2 hours from me. Sorry. But the FP33 should be pretty basic.
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