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    Quick test to determine 6061 or 7075

    Not scientific at all but if you poke each one with a automatic center punch the 6061 will have a bigger punch mark because it is slightly softer.
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    Mobil Vactra #2 Shortage??

    Local petroleum sales company stocks Shell lubricants, so I just buy Shell Tonna S2 MX 68, which is their equivalent of Vactra No. 2. I want to say the 5 gallon pail was about $180 or so. Might have been a bit less, I only buy a pail every six to eight months if that. Maybe once a year. I...
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    Baileigh Cold Saw Questions

    Chip and coolant evacuation suck on every manual cold saw I've ever seen. Just vacuum it out when it needs it, that's about all you can do in my experience. Depending on the table design the chips may or may not get into the vise and swivel, but that's hard to avoid. Doringer seems to have a...
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    Baileigh Cold Saw Questions

    I ran a Baileigh at a shop I used to work at. We bought it brand new, and it while it did cut stuff, I was never happy with the machine's rigidity and build quality. It vibrated more than other makes, and the overall quality of the saw was less than stellar. It was also BY FAR the cheapest...
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    Software bias and forum use

    The new software plus the more strict moderation of non-machining content have made this forum much more pleasant to use, as far as I'm concerned. I see plenty of activity, and the threads are about MACHINING not some OT political spiral- mud flinging and name calling BS. I think this was a...
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    CAD/CAM choices Siemens NX or Fusion 360

    The only reason I know of to get AD Fusion 360 is cost. They are far and away the cheapest functional CAM out there, but it comes with a whole host of restrictions. If they're offering to get you NX, that seems like a no brainer to me.
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    Mazak Quick Turn 350 Nexus X Axis Brake Stuck On

    Ok, so, brake is 100v AC, no power to the connector. It is an external brake, apparently the internal ones are 24v and the external ones are 100v. Any ideas why I'm not getting power at the connector? What makes these things go?
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    New LeBlond or Clausing?

    Personally, I'd get the Clausing. They're not bad. A friend got one after his shop burned down with his insurance money and it makes good parts. We had Clausing Metosa machines at the college I attended and they were great lathes to learn on. Nothing you buy for a school will be as good as the...
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    Mazak Quick Turn 350 Nexus X Axis Brake Stuck On

    Hey Guys, We recently had a transformer failure on our QT350. We have since replaced the transformer, and that seems to have cured the issues and alarms that were caused by the faulty transformer. Strangely, the main shutoff switch had failed on one phase, causing the machine to drop a phase...
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    Mazak Transformer Tap Question - HELP!

    Upon further reading of the electrical layout manual, these outputs are for the 24v work lights in the machining area. I'll probably have to buy a separate transformer to piggy back off of another set of taps so my lights work. Why they decided to omit the lights is beyond me but whatever.
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    Mazak Transformer Tap Question - HELP!

    The main transformer on my QT350 shit the bed the other day, and we ordered up a brand new transformer from Mazak. They told me the old part number was obsolete and was being replaced with a new part number. The new transformer is similar but still different from the old one. I can find homes...
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    Weldors welding on welders ...Why ?

    As a welder and someone who employs welders, I will say the natural and default way for a welder to stick things to other things is to weld it. It's just how our brains are wired from the factory. Welders by and large aren't a sophisticated bunch, and very rarely progress in the industrial...
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    Syncrowave 250 dx VS Idealarc tig 300/300

    The inegrated cooler machines must be pretty rare, I've only ever seen the ones with the underslung coolmate series. Did they have some sort of thermostat in them that would limit output based on coolant temperature? I've never seen a welder that would limit its own output like that. And to be...
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    Syncrowave 250 dx VS Idealarc tig 300/300

    Get the Syncrowave. Syncrowaves are bulletproof, reliable welders that are the "industry standard" for transformer TIG machines. I personally run a Syncro 350 LX as my "big" tig machine. The Dynasty line is head and shoulders better in almost every way, but head and shoulders more money. The...
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    Big Swing Monarch

    Can someone please tell me where the phrase "raised in the sand" came from? I've only ever seen LeBlond refer to theirs as a plain "raised lathe". Which makes sense, seeing as how the headstock and everything simply was raised up with risers. Where did the sand part come from? Is it something...