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  • Hi Arno,
    Long ago you post a Deckel FP1 sectional view plan, possible to drop me an email ([email protected]) I need section view of the Deckel FP1- ram gearing with handwheel. Making a small baby Deckel model. I hear from you soon, Steve Wan (Singapore)
    hi Sounds like you might know a bit about my small Gdee Weiler turret lathe .I cant find a model on it nothing ! trying to work out what type of collet they are thanks Mark Sunny Australia
    Hi Arno
    I picked up the FP 4nc from Prototyper yesterday.I saw your tag on the side .
    I'll send more info when the machine lands in the shop.So far I have only seen it run in his shop.Looks to be in decent shape.Not too many of these out here.
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