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    Heavy 10 crossfeed screw upgrade to 1/2-10 TPI ACME

    I have a call in to Miller Machine but haven't heard back from them. There's no need to change the dials because the TPI is the same. It would be great if I could just buy about 3 ft of the 7/16 size from Miller. I also emailed Steve Wells but haven't heard back from him either. I would expect...
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    Heavy 10 crossfeed screw upgrade to 1/2-10 TPI ACME

    Because of the lack of availability of 7/16-10 screw stock I thought it an easy upgrade to the readily available 1/2-10 TPI. I've been trying to find info from others on the pitfalls of this seemingly simple job without any success so I'm open to suggestions. I already have the 1/2-10 ACME tap...
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    15" N Series In Torriington

    We at Kankakee Community College have a 15" N series with n 8' bed that was donated to us. I disassembled and rebuilt it. We now use it as a demonstrator and have each student that goes through the program use it one class with the old style tool post and holders.
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    Shop Air Conditioned?

    Yes, 480 sq ft cooled with a 10,000 BTU AC
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    Eyeballing this would-be 1st Lathe - Heavy 10, opinions?

    It sounds like a good deal if it's not worn too bad. That's the million dollar question. It should have hardened ways which is a good thing.
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    16 vs 9 - HELP!

    I started out with an SB 9A then went to an SB 10K and when that wasn't big enough I bought an SB 14 1/2". Now I'm looking for a 16". My personal opinion is that you can do anything on a 16" that you can do with a 9 but you can't do everything with a 9" that you can do with a 16". I could have...
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    Machinists: Share your trucks

    My old '95 F150 went to my 16 yr old grandson last month. Had her for 19 yrs. My replacement will last me till I can't drive any more. XLT 5.0L, 373 posi rear end 4 x 4. My older truck was a Willys. I added a pic of my brothers two trucks too just because they're tough.
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    OT-How many still subscribe to print newspapers

    We get two papers a day, delivered to our home. First is the morning Chicago Tribune and second, the afternoon edition of The daily Journal covering Kankakee County Ill. I should mention that we are in our late 60's.
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    Bridgeport Right Angle Adapter

    Here's a pic of the horizontal head, arbor and arbor support for reference.
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    free/postage------- 1-7/8"x8 tpi ---6-5/8" DOG PLATE

    This is a photo of the lathe as we received it and the progress I've made in rebuilding it. My next step is reassembling the carriage and apron, then onto the back gear and the motor/pulley assy. hanging off the back. I've just reinstalled the QCGB & lead screw, and modified the split nuts from...
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    free/postage------- 1-7/8"x8 tpi ---6-5/8" DOG PLATE

    I'm rebuilding a 15" SB with the same thd on the spindle for our local community college and this piece would be put to good use. Please PM me with your address and I'll send a check or US Postal check out tomorrow. Thank you Bob
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    Dake Johnson replacement part happy ending

    Considering what they get for a new one I'd say that was a very happy ending. Good to know though if I ever need a part for mine.
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    Hardinge Tm Um

    I never did make the stops though. I never needed them. I used a bolt with a thinned head and a couple of nuts for the auto feed stop. (last pic) I only use it to put lines on dials and cut gears. I did machine a set of arbors for it including 7/8" 1", and 1 1/4" as it only came with a 1" arbor.
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    Hardinge Tm Um

    Table stops for a TM Woops, I see L Vanice posted some pics while I was posting this. Here are pics that someone sent me a few years ago of the stops with some dimensions. Two different types. The last pic and 2 in the next post kick off the auto feed is my understanding. These mills also...
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    Southbend late question

    I have a 3/4 hp on my 9" SB and 1/2 hp, (original motor), on my 10K and both will cut a 1 1/2"-8 thd or a .100" cut with no trouble so I'd say 1/2 hp is enough & any more is just extra.