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    Air Compressor power question

    ok - thank you for putting up with my ignorance and questions. much appreciated
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    Air Compressor power question

    The line from mains panel (@house) to shop sub panel was just installed 4 years ago (I hired electrician), and is buried in conduit, with no splices. There has been no digging or disturbance of that area. Will check/tighten connections at sub panel. Will check house lights for dimming at...
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    Air Compressor power question

    Thanks - yes, I am trying to find an electrician to come and look. they appear to be as available as hen's teeth right now near me. Trying to get educated so I understand what possible solutions, problems, non-problems are. Thank you all for information !
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    Air Compressor power question

    Thanks - I suppose my biggest concern is when running other equipment, for example the plasma cutter (the purpose for the air compressor). Between the machines, at running max load I think it would be just under 50A (22.5 + 25-ish), so if plasma cutter was running at full amps and the...
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    Air Compressor power question

    They are all LED lights. The compressor is brand new.
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    Air Compressor power question

    Hi, I am installing a new air compressor in my shop, and started out connecting it to an existing 240v 30A circuit. But when it starts I get a bit of momentary light dimming from the startup power surge. not good. So, I am guessing maybe some or all of the following may need to be addressed: 1...
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    PM-1030 lathe change gear retainer"special" nuts

    Hello, First I will apologize if this is not the best forum to post this question to, and secondly if I have the part names incorrectly named/identified - I tried my best based on the very limited Taiwanese docs and my limited knowledge.... I have a new PM-1030V (precision matthews, which I...
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    material / stock for DIY screwdrivers and turnscrews

    Hi all, I am interested in making some custom screwdrivers/turnscrews for myself. Most of these would be hollow ground flat blades and specialty shapes and sizes. What stock/steel recommendations would you have for this type of tool ? I am expecting, or assuming that i would only be shaping...
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    motor for 2x72 belt sander/grinder build

    Hi, I found a brand new, unused Baldor EM3115 motor for super cheap, and bought it knowing I would use it for something since it was so inexpensive. It is apparently discontinued and replaced by the 31115. At any rate, I am going to build a 2x72 belt sander/grinder soon so I was wondering your...