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    Buying a Schaublin 135

    I'm almost tempted to start Googling - it would go nicely with my £500 53N :-) (don't worry, only kidding, congrats - assume you've bought it by now!)
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    Cazeneuve HB575 at a UK dealer

    Seeing as there's so much Cazeneuve chat here just now, thought I'd flag this UK HB575 currently for sale at a Birmingham (UK) dealer - with the starwheel tailstock. Have no connection with the seller - it just popped up on a saved search. And I'm not in the market for a new lathe right now...
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    Deckel FP2 - No power to X/Y/Z axis plus oil leak seepage

    Blimey John, rough ride you're having, nasty to see a break like that on such a lovely machine and in such puzzling circumstances. Sorry, nothing I can think of to add in terms of a solution/diagnosis but you have my sympathy, commiserations!
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    Hardinge TL (and HLV ?) Metric Threading

    ..and these should be the images of the setup (using the imperial banjo and Myford gears) for cutting a 2mm thread which are now missing from my earlier post #26:
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    Hardinge TL (and HLV ?) Metric Threading

    "By chance does anyone have a copy of the gear conversion chart that not on Photobucket that would post it." Hope peterh5322 doesn't mind me reposting these for him - pretty sure these are the charts he posted earlier in the thread:
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    A new cast iron 3 axis challenger weighing in at over 600lbs!

    A recent UK CNC forum thread on Skyfire may be of interest. Message #5 references a Facebook user's group. Skyfire cnc's
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    Need Schaublin Parting Blade

    If you don't mind ordering from the UK see e.g. here Parting Off Blocks with M42 HSS-Co8 Blade - Arc Euro Trade 060-320-01115 Tapered Parting Blade M42 HSS-Co8 1.5x10x80mm
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    Small Threaded Spike Source

    Check ebay or bicycle suppliers for "pedal screws" or "pedal pins" e.g. here.
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    the quintessential lathe search

    FWIW, there's an Ikegai A20 for sale in the UK just now - click here. Not mine and I have no more info than is in the ad.
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    Schaublin 160

    Martin, I guess you already saw this? Flickr: overhaul schaublin 160 lathe
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    Backlash on big CNC Craven Lathe.

    Some pics of what I assume is the lathe in question are here.
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    Live tool ID - obsolete style?

    Anyone recognise this style of live/driven tool i.e. what machine it might fit? Or manufacturer? Got them a while back, no clues from seller. Looked though all catalogues I can find without any luck. Also been watching live tools which come up on Ebay (UK) for a while without seeing anything...
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    Rare Holbrook H20 Lathe

    Did you see the C10 in London which ended with no bids at £300 a few days ago? Could use a rescue and some TLC, by the looks of it.
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    Information on the Schaublin 53 is hard to find.

    There are a few threads in the "Deckel etc Euro mills' sub-forum... I have a 53N. If there's anything in particular I can help with, let me know.
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    Deckel gk21 HP, wiring and VFD

    (1) The motor will very likely have a nameplate. Take a clear well lit in focus photo of it so that all text is legible - it may need cleaning off. (2) Where the wires go into the motor there is probably an easily removed terminal cover. Take it off and take clear well lit etc. photos from...