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    Any clever tricks to unclog boring bar coolant channel?

    Make any progress, Jason? @JasonPAtkins
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    Any clever tricks to unclog boring bar coolant channel?

    I'd poke some welding wire in through the bar tip and see where the blockage is. If it's at the juncture between the hole in the tip and the axial hole running through the bar, it may be a piece of swarf that got pumped into the thing. Might be able to push it out. Also: using welding wire...
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    Flagging spammers?

    Cool! Frankly, I'd pay for that. But then again, you're in a coop, and coops tend to be more responsive to their members I think.
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    Flagging spammers?

    That's what I would have hoped the phone companies would offer. Using a community app, phone numbers and caller id's that match a number, or word, or a pattern (in my case, it would be calls id'd as from "city, state"). The community database would then be polled before your phone even rang...
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    OT: Impact wrench vs. breaker bar

    Probablyl best not to google that phrase. At least at work....
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    What happened to Shop Supply Guru?

    Short term Yes. If a board goes off-message and becomes a flame war (say of politics, or religion, or national pride) then a lot of the people who had been participating and driving a valid business model leave the site or lower their participation. You may triple your rate of posts, but you...
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    OT Completely What is this scam

    As I recall, these programs offer you money up front but take away coverage from the back end. That is you're good this year but next year if stuff hits the fan you get bankrupted. Do a LOT of research before signing on to this type of thing. The company that offers this plans, Benefytt...
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    need metal recommendation to reduce thread galling

    I think that Swage-Lok silver plates their SS threads. These are SS fittings that get tightened and loosened a lot.
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    disappearing post

    I think that the moderators are doing their moderator thing but the SW probably doesn't have appropriate tracking to move all responses. But don't you have to move the whole thread, and not just the post?
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    Your Suggestions, Please: Best Way To Remove PSA Stickem from an Acrylic Base Pad

    Yes. Goo Gone is extremely useful in removing adhesive. Test it on your acrylic to ensure compatibility. It's not good on many elastomers, it's fine on PTFE. But it's the go-to product for getting those invented-by-the-devil sticker adhesives off stuff. Active ingredient is d-limonene, a...
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    Tap design question

    A2 246 blocks? Holy cats. That's about 200 bucks just for the blank material for a 246 block. Yeesh!
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    Thread rolling ss304

    ChiraagB, you hit the high and low points. On the negative size you have the cost and effort of two operations, and the limited forming may not give you the grain structure rolling normally gives you. On the plus side, if rolling is infeasible due to work hardening this might allow you to do...
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    De-oiling a heat exchanger....what choice for cleaner?

    For some reason I just saw this thread again. I felt that adding some emphasis might help avoid chemical burns or blindness, so.... Meaning no offense to the person quoted (whose posts I've read and profitted from many). But the advice is wrong on many levels and dangerous. It's going to get...
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    Thread rolling ss304

    So.... I'm an engineer, not a machinist. I understand the appeal of rolled threads. That said, with this SS you can get work hardening. So my question is whether threads are ever done partially. That is, a partial groove cut (hopefully without too much work hardening) and then the final...
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    Determining unknown thread

    It looks like the crests and roots are rounded. Is that true?