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    Square Tube VS Formed and welded profile?

    Hey thanks for the input, ya I'm guessing tubing is the simplest way to go. Just thot I'd ask seeing that tubing is usually the highest price per pound. We use vertical bandsaw.
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    Square Tube VS Formed and welded profile?

    I'm building a structure from steel to support multiple columns as an alternative for concrete. Currently I am using a profile of (3) 5" square tubes spaced 5" inches apart. In this case I have 12 columns in a circle, so imagine a 12 sided polygon. Columns are on the joints and there is a...
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    Horizontal Sheet and Bar Storage Rack ideas?

    Ran across the Kasto site the other day and been thinking about our steel storage. https://www.kasto.com/en/storage/sheet-metal-storage/all-sheet-metal-storage.html Has anyone built a simpler version down this line? A cheaper version would be the cartridge style such as this...
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    Laser nesting software recommendations?

    Not familiar with lasers. We have hi def plasma and use sigma nest. Previous place I worked we used pronest which is now owned by Hypertherm. I much preferred the pronest software as it was much more user friendly for me. I would think they would have provision for lasers. Neither of these are...
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    Workflow management system - for employees

    Depends on the guys but my fellow employees seemed to appreciate the work laid out clearly and drawing/documentation provided. One shop I worked at in the mean time was somewhat vague on who should do what and when. Very little communication on whose job to order the parts. Employees had to be...
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    Workflow management system - for employees

    I've observed several shops get to this point. The start-up stress slowly morphs into the stress of success! In other words the very work you hoped and prayed for in the first few years suddenly is overwhelming. Here is how we handled it at the shop I started out in: We had two main product...
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    Industrial Paint System, What do you use and like?

    For us the advantage of electrostatic would not be so much paint savings as exhaust/filtration/heat loss savings. Does electrostatic require less exhaust? Also I tend to get some overspray dust on lower portions after painting up higher which I would hope electrostatic would mostly eliminate. I...
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    Newbie question: any forklift brands or models to avoid?

    We have a tiny Cat 3k lift that we use all the time. +1 on Toyota that's what I want when I go shopping for one. Better visibility to the forks than anything else I've seen.
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    Not a offer to sell, just puzzeld is cv-19 killing the market??

    Local shop last year did an online auction. The auction company comes in and take pictures, lists everything for you. Some farm auction companies will even wash up equipment for better resale. Seems it would net better than scrap......my own small experience with selling personal stuff on eBay...
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    Industrial Paint System, What do you use and like?

    Do electrostatic guns have the option to toggle the electrical charge on/off at the gun for painting tight corners?
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    Industrial Paint System, What do you use and like?

    Anyone out there use electrostatic? Like it? Is it worth the money? We paint large fabricated structures with a mix of tubing frame and sheet metal so lots of square feet to cover. Also some small parts. Currently we are simply using a pressure pot. Basically same as HVLP only we draw out...
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    Help selecting a brake press for purchase

    Check out Iroquoisiron.com They are a small company that specialize in brakes and Ironworkers for small shops. I don't know how they compare in price to amada or accurpress.
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    Junk calls on my 800 numbers

    When we started/purchased our manufacturing business, all old 800 numbers had been discontinued. My business partner had a verizon Home phone that we used for business number. Since it was just the two of us we were rarely actually in the office so calls were forwarded to one of our cell...
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    Customer Resource Magangement (CRM) Do you use it?

    Would you care to share what you currently use for both?
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    Customer Resource Magangement (CRM) Do you use it?

    The manufacturing business we purchased has a program called ACT! that we inherited along with other software. Until a year ago, I have just used a large notebook to write notes when on the phone with customers. However, it's difficult to find the note when the customer calls a month or a year...