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  • Brain,
    Could you please send your phone number to my email address
    [email protected]
    I would like to discuss several of your machines and if they are available and price.
    Al Swank you may also call me if yo want, I do not have your phoone number? mine is 360-620-7046 cell phone.
    Hi Brain
    My name is Shane Carr / collector I was at the scape fest last year .Any how Read about you new find on the norton grinder. I am in the search for a Universal cylindrical grinder for my collection and to learn how to use one I don't need a big one say 3x16 or so.if you have one for sale can you let me know .
    Thanks Shane Carr

    [email protected]
    Brian, I live in Cedar Mill and work in downtown Portland. I'd like to drive to Gaston and buy ten reamers. My chief aim would be to get a ten cent tour when you have the time. My schedule is flexible most of the time. Cecil Strange, 1618 SW 1st Ave Ste 350, Portland OR 97201 (503) 295-3749 [email protected]
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