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    The public can see our work at major hotels around the World including Las Vegas (Wynn, Bellagio, Venetian, etc.) Since we made everything to order, any specification could be changed so no prices were listed on our website. We did not advertise because I wanted to control our growth to balance quality, delivery and profit, in that order. You don't last 50 years without prioritizing quality and treating your employees with great respect along with taking care of your clients. We learned the craft from our father, Murray Leisner, an artist blacksmith of the highest caliber. You can read about the history online. By the way, the last project we worked on was a 68,000 sq ft house with a 28,000 sq ft guesthouse in Bel Air, California for $ 1.3 million in architectural work, lighting and furniture. We left on top with no distress and not owing anyone any money. Not too many companies that close can make that statement.

    Ed Leisner
    Murray's Iron Works, I
    I just ran across the messages posted regarding my company. Please note that we were the largest blacksmith shop in World with 383 employees and 42 master blacksmiths. We retired (my two brothers and me). After 50 years of doing some of the finest work around the World, we didn't want our kids having to deal with such a difficult thing to do as manufacturing by hand in the United States. As we grew, we brought more and more work in-house including our own foundry with two crucibles, a large 1500 lbs. and smaller 150 lbs., the latter used for lost-wax casting of bronze. We offered everything from sculpted iron to stamped parts (we made our own dies). We worked on famous projects such as the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Hotel Eden in Rome (We competed with seven Italian companies), and huge mansions around the World including one in Shanghai, China.

    PART ONE- Continued in Part Two
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