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  • Hi Carla...just got a vintage Gerstner 052 11 drawer but cant figure the age...has a book drawer with book from 1951....tag does not have model number?
    Hay Carla,
    Was reading you posts about the Reed 404 1/2. Struck me as, you are the most expert expert. I just came across one, it has patent dates stamped on it of 1908,1912 & 1914. It is the swivel base swivel jaw, weighs 75lb. Was just hoping you would be willing to reply to me as to it's age, value, etc. I have seen some examples of this 404 1/2 but with letters after the #, This vise has none, what do the letters signify?
    It much to beefy for my needs so I'll be sending it down the line on eBay.
    Hi Carla,

    I read your post about being able to date a Gerstner tool chest. I would appreciate you assistance dating a chest I just purchased. I would prefer to chat using regular email only because it is easier and I check it more frequently.

    Thank you, John Eagan

    [email protected]
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