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  • Chevy427z,
    I was reading a post of yours where you were trying to figure out how to count multiple parts in one mazatrol program. Were you ever able to figure out an effective method to do that? Thanks for your time,
    I purchased a Fryer VB-60 on 9/2000 and I am going to put it up for sale this week. If you happen to know of anyone looking for one please feel free to pass on my contact information. Russ 616-784-0601 Comstock Park, MI

    Thank You
    Hi Don. Going by memory here, but I remember Butterfield and Greenfield. I would have to check the box which is up in the garage. Pardon the late response, I work nights now and just getting this. They are all US made. Thank you for your interest! To ensure a faster response, please write to [email protected].

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