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    Hi Shane, how is the machine shop biz.I have been fairly busy lately.No idea why.Shop addition is almost complete,just have to wire in a few things.The shop now matches the house.I have an interesting job I'm working on ,part is made from hatealloy.Haynes 25 .sfpmin hss is 10.40 in carbide.So my question is does your guy up the street who was selling some edm machines still have them for sale?I'm looking for a smallish sinker edm.
    Hello , I can take more pics for you. I will inquire about a back haul to Surrey?? does this work? If the weather holds and I have time I could pop the top and have a look at the gears?
    Let me know,
    Eric Hanson
    Hello Shane,
    Just wanted your opinion on moving a 18x54 pacemaker. Wasn't sure how your pacemaker was moved, looks like you did it from overhead. I don't have that option, using a heavy rollback is my plan, and using 1/4" thick tubing crossways at least 1 ft out from each side, and I beams for runners. Weight of lathe is about 8500-9000lbs. Was yours hard to handle or kind of tippy? I did consider using heavy timbers crossways and telephone poles for runners. Brad
    Hi Shane, did you get the message with my address info for the Giddings & Lewis 25T info you had offered to send me copies of? I could really use them and I am more than happy to pay all costs of copying, postage, etc. Please let me know if you get this message. I don't want to be pushy or make you mad, I'm just desperate for info about my machine, and I'm ready to start my restoration work soon. Please let me know if I can send you any payment to cover the expenses. If you are to busy to deal with it now please just let me know I know how it goes work, family, hobbies, and life in general.


    --Greg Fosmark
    17302 270th Ave. SE
    Issaquah, WA, 98027

    e-mail [email protected]
    Did you move the hardinge over?What was the guys price ?
    At scrap and the machine about 4K pounds should be cheap.
    What control is on it?I might be able to help get it going.
    Hi Shane
    The Mach 3 controller cost depends on how much can be salvaged from the old machine.Motors,some switches and such.I got mine for alittle over scrap and with about 1200$ it is up and running fine.This is with some deals on ebay.Tooling is also a concern .Mine had none .They are amazingly accurate machine if not worn out.What is the time line like?They should be very cheap if not working .
    Hi Keith the Hardings are down the street from my shop there are 4 of them one cnc and 3 auto type called super persion .what could you do with these machines from what the guys say on the PM the controller on the cnc is old and not very good .the price would be scrap or better .what do you think. whats a mach3 control Shane
    Hi Shane
    How's the machine shop running?Did you attend the Hammer auction?I thought the jig mill went cheap but I have no room for it and am trying to focus on what I need to do.I have a friend that bought the brake.Too bad it fell off the truck after it left the shop.How much for the Hardinge machines?I converted one to Mach3 control.Works pretty good for small parts.
    I'll be down again soon.
    Keith Neri
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