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    CNC Surface Grinder

    What's the contact surface of your height gauge? A grinding wheel has more than .0008" of texture in the grains and spaces, so if the business end of your height gauge is a point or a small ball, then that could account for it. Did you dress the wheel right before starting this? A grinding wheel...
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    Any clever tricks to unclog boring bar coolant channel?

    Got a little heat treat oven? You could try burning it out. Overnight at 1000F wouldn't hurt the carbide any but should burn off any oil residue.
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    Vetting potential employees

    330 dash 634 dash 1430 In my experience, employees are ALWAYS having this crisis or that. One's always getting divorced, or their kid is sick, or their drinking has become a problem, or they're moving, or their car broke down, or their house got hit by a tree, or they need a surgery and will be...
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    Vetting potential employees

    I tell ya what, if you guys run into qualified machinists transitioning, or using they/them/zhe/xir or whatver pronouns, send em my way. I can't see how any of that impacts their job performance and if all yall can't show people the slightest consideration and call them what they want to be...
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    Removing gas nitride residue from stainless

    Acid passivation does absolutely nothing to this residue, for what that's worth...
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    G-code variant or standard alternative for robot programming

    Specifying an angled plane is dead simple in pretty much every robot language. Tilt your coordinate system. What's the problem? What's the robot? There are people who make what you're envisioning (CAM for robots?) The term you want is "offline programming software." Like any cam system you'll...
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    Is a Helical cutter head worth the money??

    How much hearing do you have left, and how much would you like to keep? That's the real question someone will want to answer. I have a helical head on my jointer/planer, I don't think it gives a better finish than standard knives, but the reduction in noise alone is worth it to me. Being able...
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    Removing gas nitride residue from stainless

    Oh, and it's not baked on coolant: I sent them one batch just rinsed in DI water, and one thoroughly degreased and then double rinsed in DI water and blown dry, and they both came back looking the same.
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    Removing gas nitride residue from stainless

    We have a family of new parts made of 400 series stainless, that have to be hardened and then gas nitride. They come back incredibly hard (1300 vickers!) but with a mottled yellow-grey residue all over them. The residue doesn't wash off with the usual things I have tried (simple green in...
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    CAD/CAM choices Siemens NX or Fusion 360

    Inventor's CAM is a moderately supported port of HSMWorks, which itself is the currently unsupported progenitor of the CAM in Fusion. To the degree that the posts are cross compatible. Which is to say, it's all the same thing. Fusion isn't bad if all you are doing with it is CAM. The price is...
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    Start up shop cnc lathe only question

    Do they need to be disclosed? Most of us can come up with an educated guess what the business looks like based on the equipment, the in-a-garage location, no mention of employees and no tales of woe about weird expensive materials. Ballpark, material will be between 25% and 50%, tooling will...
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    Way way OT: Auto subscription to use remote start or heated seats??!?!??!!

    When the established players move from developing compelling new offerings to bullshit rent-seeking to bilk customers, it opens the door for new companies. Ask Detroit how that went in the 70s and 80s. Cherry Motors and BYD must be reading shit like this and licking their lips.
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    Automatic bandsaw outfeed option?

    It's not hard to make the conveyor with a sensor, if that's what you really want. A trip to hgr, a pair of $10 sensor, a few brackets and a relay. Couple hundred bucks, tops. The easiest way I can think of is put the sensor in an adjustable position bracket, then adjust it to the length of...
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    Speedio Alarm - Control Power Shortage

    The speedios regen a LOT of current when they stop. Probably more than the phase perfect can dissipate. You can probably slow down the spindle accel/decel to make the problem go away, at a cost of some cycle time.