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    Cheap digital caliper ideas

    I wouldn't bother modifying caliper. You can get digital linear scales (horizontal or vertical) with little money from Aliexpress in 50mm increments to suit almost any need. Just need to fabricate adapter. Just don't buy the cheapest and check the ratings. I've never encountered any false...
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    What material for industrial snowblower auger

    I`d definitely use wear resistant steel like Hardox. Wouldn`t consider anything else.
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    Haimer Taster Arrow Not at Zero

    Zero the outer ring by turning it to point zero with the black arrow.
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    Milling/turning plastics with Ionizer

    Ionizer works wonders. Chips fall right off. I only have experience with the ones which produce their own electricity by airflow and they need lots of air and pressure. And they are expensive.
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    Harrison M450 clutch help

    Hi, Some time ago I bought from auction early -90’s Harrison M450 lathe and I’ve been improving it little by little. I just fabricated new bushings to the spindle control lever linkage as there was quite much play in it. There is still some play on the nut that is sliding on that square linkage...
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    Turning small diameter taper using tapered end mill

    Hi, I had to turn 20 degree internal taper to hole where smaller diameter was 8mm and upper 10mm. I didn’t have small enough boring bar so I used tapered end mill. Of course it didn’t come to my mind that due to having spiral flutes it tends to pull it from the tailstock and that’s what...
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    Siegmund table thoughts

    They are top of the line tables. With the accessory set it is very easy to clamp parts accurately for welding. I suggest to get the extreme 8.7 which is made from hardened tool steel. It would last loong time.
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    Fanuc Program Transfer Tool error on larger files

    It is old and slow 256MB CF card.
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    Fanuc Program Transfer Tool error on larger files

    Dear All, I ran into problem with Fanuc program transfer tool and “big” (>185kB) program files. When I try to upload files larger than that to the mounted CF card memory I get error: “nDownloadBEx: (Err.1.22.222.-16.8.1)Investigate CNC power supply, Ethernet cable and I/F board” I played with...
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    Machining waterjet cut parts

    Dear All, Is there an issue machining waterjet cut aluminium parts? What I'm worried about is embedded abrasives which might ruin the cutter. Is this something to worry about? Like pre cut holes which will be reamed to size by HSS reamer, or bored by endmill. Thank you in advance
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    Where would you buy a welding helmet today?

    Unfortunately I can't comment what's good auto darkening helmet, as I've had only bad experiences with them. First one I got was crap Chinese helmet which stopped working pretty quickly. Next one was Esab Aristo Tech 5-13. It worked for a while until the lens started behaving strangely. When tig...
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    O.T. ~ "CVT"s ~ Continually variable (automobile) transmissions

    My previous car was XT Forester and I loved the CVT. Best trans I`ve ever had. It will keep the engine rpm stable and speed just changes. If you floor it, rpm goes to highest hp output, stays there and you get the best acceleration possible. Stupid thing was artificial gears steps in sport mode...
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    Ball ended Hex (How to machine?)

    Here`s shown @1:23 how they make the ball end for hex head. Turning hex head
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    Rust protection - again - wooden toolboxes

    I second to adama about dehumidifier. Draws less power than heater and works down to +5˚C/41˚F. Below 50% (some say 45%) there is zero rusting. Over 60%RH rusting skyrockets.
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    anti-seize but not anti-seize for salt road vehicles?

    Yes, it is pinewood tar. It works also somewhat as a thread locker as it`s stiff. I`ve opened nuts where surrounding threads have completely rusted away. Under the nut which was installed using tar, thread was like new.