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    OT: Impact wrench vs. breaker bar

    Or get torque stick for impact wrench. With that you cannot overtighten as the stick starts flexing when reach its designated torque.
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    Looking for a decent quality borescope for repair work

    Teslong is awesome for the money. I use NTG100H which is rigid version for mostly gun barrels and it has amazing resolution and accuracy for the price. Size 5mm, so fits .22" hole. You can easily identify throat erosion, it's so detail image. Without "H" is the flexible version.
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    Chinese Laser engraver for marking and engraving

    Dear All, I’m tempted in buying 50W fiber laser engraving machine and would like to hear some thoughts about them. I’ve particularly interested on Chinese table top, non closure with JPT LP E-50W laser emitter and around $5000 price range. I’ve watched few review videos from YT and they seem to...
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    Fanuc 18i embedded ethernet on a CNC lathe - is there even a client?

    Maybe get Fanuc's Program transfer tool A08B-9510-J515? Very easy drag & drop interface and costs next to nothing.
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    Cheap CAD Recommendations

    Like Dan B already mentioned ProgeCAD, I would also recommend it. If you know how to use AutoCAD then you know ProgeCad as well. It uses native dwg format too.
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    Reverse engineering, finding hole centers in a 1.8 dia x .025 thick disc.

    Scan it and drop the picture to Autocad in 1:1. You get incredible accuracy. You don`t even need to measure anything if you need just dxf when can draw those circles using the picture as a template and then just hide the picture layer. Voila you`ve got it reverse engineered. Might work with...
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    O.T. - Best mouse poison

    I have had issues with mouse’s as long as I’ve lived in this house which is located near field crop. In the autumn they seek warm place to spend the winter and climb to attics. They’ll spend the winter in the mineral wool and find their way to the ceiling. Annoyingly they start their track...
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    Newer Fanuc control and "drip feeding"

    I’ll update this, hope this helps someone who might be struggling the same. I couldn’t afford to call some techie to fix these so I had to figure everything by myself. So I struggled with the PCMCIA port and CF memory card. With the CF card iHMI interface mount the CF card didn’t work giving...
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    Milling V-groove with chamfer mill. Disaster or success?

    I got that PCD insert chamfer mill finally and it worked just fine. I used very conservative feed as I couldn’t afford to mess that tool. So 8000 rpm, 200 mm/min and DOC 1mm. Very fine surface finish. I got only 12 grooves to do so didn’t bother to tweak the feeds. That tool most likely was not...
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    Loud stepper resonance cure?

    What stepper driver are you using? If it's one of those cheap TB6600 or similar, they are horrible. Buy proper driver and you'd be amazed..
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    Oil Drain Plug Advice

    I second to GregSY comment about 1/8" NPT plug. I made to my car rear diffrential these threads and used socket head plug. It was almost flush with the case which is vital as otherwise it might hit something being the lowest part of a car.
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    Another third world machining video - but well done!

    My quess is supporting it from wobbling due to unbalance. Stubby crankshafts might not be the most balanced things to spin..
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    material for projectials? long range solid bullets

    I’m not sure, but I think the material commonly used is Gilding brass 95% copper and 5 % zinc. I’d probably use Swiss lathe for making them. For solid, you need grooves as the material doesn’t compress as easily as lead core. I’d test with lead core projectile the force needed for the bullet to...
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    What's your favorite ratchet old or new and why?

    Mine certainly is the Facom R.360PB 1/4" twist handle ratchet. In confined spaces so easy when you can quickly twist the handle and loosen/tighten bolts/nuts. I think they have similar in 1/2" as well. That's ingenious!
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    Milling V-groove with chamfer mill. Disaster or success?

    This has left hanging due to other projects.. This is the tool I planned to use: Sorry for the bad focus. After your suggestions of D-bit I had second thoughts whether this chamfer mill/spot drill would be ideal. Not much space for the chips etc. I got fascinated about this kind of single...