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    ST10y makes strange groaning sound when orient spindle is activated.

    no servo motor on the spindle on that machine, it's a single induction motor. i bet that's the belt singing from a bad tune at the factory. ask me know i know.
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    Southern California lathe guru, all-around technologist looking for something new

    Oi friends, coyoinu here, checking in from west of Los Angeles I find myself looking for new adventures, and thought I'd turn here first. I have 15 years of experience doing mostly job shop, medical production and R&D type work, very strong lathe / live tool skills, tons of Haas knowledge My...
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    Rehoming Machine After Startup

    if its old enough to have microswitches instead of hall effect sensors for limit switches, id imagine theres a good deal of hysteresis possible between power ups. recently i saw something similar on NGC controls, but it was only a few thou, and only once in like 20 tries.
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    My last Haas arrived.

    They don't use tenths indicators at the factory. five tenths for everyone. I was arguing with one of the techs at the factory, showed him the head drooping a few tenths on the VMT-750 using a tenths indicator. "Nah, I don't want anything to do with that"
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    How easy is it to kill a Haas VMC spindle?

    pay me now or pay me later I have a spindle on the way out, i'm debating how successful a R&R will be. might be worth it just for the learning experience, but talk about masochism...
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    Thread milling fanuc murata lathe

    the milling app probably didn't like it due to the plane selection, working in YZ as you would on the lathe reverses the arcs compared to other planes. change G2 to G3 and vice versa, it'll probably work
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    Haas St20y c axis not engaging properly

    ya it's probably a software bug, the lil servo C axis spins up before it engages with the big ring gear and goes chomp. we beat a bunch of those up at the factory.
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    "Accurizing" a new Haas UMC-750

    MRZP is supposed to be good for .005" or so across the work volume of the machine, and it'll get you about that close when well-calibrated. Hopefully you got the updated model with the new casting and the smaller door, and the thermal comp values are good (the UMCs generally are). New rotaries...
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    Looking for info on slant bed gang style CNC lathes.

    i've worked on some beefy CNC NEW lathes which fit your description. The GSK control isn't bad either. currently working on a Muratec MW80 which does almost all of those things except for bar feed (but it's got a gantry loader)
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    CNC is producing a taper in my tapped hole

    i saw something very similar recently while troubleshooting tapping small waspaloy nuts on a lathe. the problem ended up being the operator slapping a new tap in every once in a while without inspecting the collet and collet holder for chips. Shouldn't the feed for a 4-40 be .025 per rev?
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    Charlotte/Raleigh NC Region

    Charlotte is a neat city, it also has a number of machinery / control suppliers locally. Siemens, Fanuc, DMG Mori, Muratec, Chiron...
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    Sacrfice tooling life to save on repairs

    overheard it from Gene himself during a Tuesday engineering meeting at the Oxnard factory. "2 shifts a day for a year"
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    Sacrfice tooling life to save on repairs

    new from the factory, a haas spindle is rated for 4000 hrs at max speed.
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    Haas Lathe- Power Skiving with live tooling?

    LT and main spindle cannot be synchronized at the moment. I heard talk of such things, but who knows when it'll be implemented.