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    3D printing - the end of the beginning?

    Yes, Just as manual machines still have a place next to CNC machines, CNC machines will have a similar supporting roll.
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    3D printing - the end of the beginning?

    I think there is an often overlooked aspect of 3D printing when having these sort of debates. The ability to manufacture otherwise impossibly machined/molded parts. An example in the marketplace today is OSS Firearm Suppressors. Another example is rocket engine components. I recently cut open a...
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    Got my first 3D SLA printer, any tips?

    Resin selection will depend on what you want to make. I have been using Henkel Engineering resins for anything dynamic. Static form checks can be done with any old resin. Siraya "Fast", and "Build" resins are predictable performers as well as Phrozen "Rapid Black". The Phrozen Nylon Green resin...
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    CAD/CAM choices Siemens NX or Fusion 360

    The only reason to go with Fusion 360 is cost and it's not your dime so the choice is easy.
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    Doosan 2022 Lynx 2100LB lathe for my garage... should I get a chip conveyor?

    +1 on getting the conveyor. I have a lathe in my garage as well, and as little as I use it , I don’t want to spend my time contorted into the thing cleaning chips out. If you’ve got the scratch, than get it. I can’t say I’ve ever regretted buying something that makes my life easier.
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    Automation will never replace me

    I heard a saying too….. those that repeat that joke have never worked as a tool and die maker. ��
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    Self Centering Vises: Orange Vise Delta IV 2nd Gen vs Schunk KSC

    Glad to hear that. Im a customer and a fan of Orange and I looked hard at their Delta vises but couldn't bite with them not being self-centering.
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    Self Centering Vises: Orange Vise Delta IV 2nd Gen vs Schunk KSC

    Orange is not a self centering vise. Dont rule out these 5" Self-Centering Vise, 5" Opening Look pretty nice for the price. I believe they are made by Jergens??
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    New machine(s) day!

    I’m setting up a home prototype shop to keep from interrupting my main business. Already got a VF2SS and just received the final machines. New Takisawa TCN-2600CM L6, and a Makino U6 HEAT wire EDM. Should be able to make most everything I want with this combo. Getting excited!!
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    New Surface Plate Day

    Congrats on the find! Just out of curiosity, what are your concerns of the stand? I have the same plate and stand and I find it beyond adequate, and well beyond the standards of most other stands I see. Just curious
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    Have a Bridgeport, a Linley Jig Borer, a Meteor Drill Sharpener and a Deckel Grinder

    Id be interested in the Deckel if you're willing to box and ship to Texas.
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    Need help on value of Conrac Grind-r-lap machine

    What should I list this Conrac Grind-r-lap machine for? I purchased this along with other scrapping tool for a project that I’m probably never going to get to. If anyone is interested in it shoot me a message.