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    Nozzle manufacturing diy

    Years ago I worked for a company that made high pressure nozzles including fan nozzles. What we did for fan nozzles was use a ball end mill to create a radius at the end of the inside bore and then on the outside face (flat) we milled a groove using a V type cutter breaking into the ID radius...
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    Been at the same job a long time. How about you?

    Don't quit, fire yourself, then you can file for unemployment.
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    Been at the same job a long time. How about you?

    This is the OP. Just to add to my longevity I thought I would mention I was working in another machine shop before this business, started there at 19 years old, so all together I have been machining parts for 38 years. Never been unemployed or laid off since right after high school. That's a...
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    Been at the same job a long time. How about you?

    I had a bit of a reality check this morning. I was working on some parts and looked up around the shop and realized the first time I worked on the same parts was before four of my current employees were even born. I have been with the same company 28 years, first three years was part time so...
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    OT: What do you call the 1/2" thick wood used for making pallets and crates?

    I worked at a saw mill when young and we always called wood like that "slats", that meant it was cut around two quarters thick. The wood used could vary as long as it was a hard wood, it was a great way to get rid of our low grade stock.
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    To school or not.

    Why not do both? A little book learning never hurt anyone and having a degree or even certificates of completion are nice points to have on your resume. Hands on learning is also a must though. Is there anyway you can move to other areas where you currently work? If they are doing machining...
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    induction soldering/brazing coils

    Thanks for the replies, just the type of info I was looking for. gbent I sent you a private message with my contact info.
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    OT any experience Tablet used in shop ?

    I started using tablets in the shop a few years ago, for the most part they work great. My goal was to make sure any job that went to the shop had the latest drawings or notes reflecting any recent revisions. It was a bit of a chore to scan and file all our old notes and drawings but once that...
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    induction soldering/brazing coils

    We are looking to automate our soldering process, currently we use oxygen/acetylene and manually apply silver solder to the joints. I am interested in an induction machine as the heat source but do to the variety of shapes of our assemblies it's not going to be a one coil fits all program. So...
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    PUrchasing the shop I'm currently working at. Advice?

    All good advise from others, I don't have much to add except this. Your boss is one lucky SOB to have an employee like you who can and does do it all. You need to find a like minded person to fill some of your responsibilities as you take over ownership, trust me on this, there isn't enough...
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    Finding a buyer for our business?

    This is the OP, thank you for the replies and comments. For the record we have gone thru the business valuation and discovery process with an interested buyer, unfortunately that deal fell thru but it gave us all the information needed to move forward with confidence in our business and value...
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    OT, Hopefully A Bit Of Fun: Most Hated Words & Phrases

    Have you noticed how "no problem" has replaced your welcome? That bugs me. Or worse is when you thank someone and they reply "yep".
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    Finding a buyer for our business?

    We have been considering selling the business for the last year, it was initially brought up by one of our vendors wanting to buy us but that deal fell apart, but once the wheels got rolling we decided to keep looking for a buyer. The thing is we don't want any of our customers or competitors...
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    Change manager/engineer ?

    Thanks for all the input. I had a long discussion yesterday with the majority owner, while he understands most of my issues he still believes we can create the changes needed internally, and I agree with that but the problem I have is we don't implement the changes long term, we get relaxed and...
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    Change manager/engineer ?

    I have done some research on change managers and am wondering if anyone has any experience in hiring one and what the outcome was. I am the minority owner of a business and frankly over the last few years our business has evolved into something I don't like. I feel like the "boy who screamed...