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    How to determine spindle part # 98 HS-1rp

    I have a 98 HS-1RP and while I was tracking down some leaks on the lub panel I mixed up some of the air lines. I had put tape on them and the corresponding fittings, however the oil that was all over everything allowed the tape to fall off. anyways I looked up the service manual for my machine...
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    More Fusion Changes

    Moving all 5 axis simultaneous tool paths to the machining extension? Really? - Autodesk Community
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    1998 VF3 z height issue

    Haas service manual pretty much says its related to the leaking counter balance. move the z axis to the top of travel, then look at the gauge on the hydraulic tank, better yet take a picture as straight on as you can. check it periodically. if the system is leaking, this would cause the problem...
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    Haas 1998 HS-1RP Troubleshooting(repost)

    I got one of the bellows back in place, the one that was badly warped. well the other one that wasnt warped got warped when it was sitting out side the machine. I tried putting it back in with a friend's help, and it wasnt lining up, we took it out to try to straighten the ribs, which was...
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    HAAS Parameter Backup

    Just for sanity check if the control cabinet has the floppy installed, or the pendant, it can be in either location. If you do end up finding you have a floppy drive check parameter 209 to see if the floppy disk is enabled. if its not enable it. I replaced the floppy with a usb to floppy...
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    trunnion adjustment question

    that would work assuming the b or c axis is perfectly aligned.
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    trunnion adjustment question

    how did you determine the center of the axis?
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    Haas Chatter

    put a test indicator on the the y axis table and see if its moving during your cut.
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    Haas Chatter

    post your code, sometimes the post can put some weird shit in the gcode
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    Tool Pot Proximity Sensors

    you can see it in the video here https://youtu.be/cs-BvWsKXyU?t=179 the light turns on and off.
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    Haas VF-2SS problem running on Phase Perfect Converter

    I ran aluminum to the phase converter box, then I ran the 3 phase run in copper that was significantly more flexible for that exact reason.
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    Haas 1998 HS-1RP Troubleshooting(repost)

    I plumbed the 80 gallon tank in and timed the pallet change for when the pressure was the highest, and it was able to do a pallet change. I also bit the bullet and ordered a replacement lower y axis bellows, and found a pair of sunon fans on amazon(prime) to replace the rusty?? ones in the...
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    Haas 1998 HS-1RP Troubleshooting(repost)

    I went to do a pallet change and Womp Womp, it wasnt able to change the pallets. I put an easier to read gauge on the air gun line that comes off the machine manifold, the air drops from 95 to 60 while trying to do the pallet change. CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 20040SPCAD is the compressor I have...
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    Haas VF-2SS problem running on Phase Perfect Converter

    I ran 4/0 aluminum from my 400 amp main to 200 amp sub.
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    My Haas has run with no lubrication since new

    He used a granite square, and a micron test indicator