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  • Pretty sure I have all of the Bull of the Woods books published - They are all Black & White ink drawings, unless you know of some that were colored - The reason I need the old calendars is that the drawings were colored and work better that way - I now have enough for the next 5 or 6 years of calendars - Thanks for the note -
    Hey Dan, don’t do anything on the gears boy have I screwed up on my figures. I think I’m just going to change the d.p. and tooth counts too for that matter. Sorry about that.
    Hey Dan, the 2 gears I need are 22 diametral pitch and 20 degree pressure angle. Tooth count is nothing major but I’ll need the o.d. Of the gear to be 1.750 with a say 7/8 hub if possible by 1” tall. It goes on a 14 mm shaft with a 5 mm keyway. If you want to call me my cell phone number is 803-210-6268 and I can explain it a little bit better and thanks in advance.
    I sent you a message to your email. Don't know if you have had time to check it. I've got a 4 axis mori seiki mv-jr with a "torque" problem. I saw where you said you thought your machine had "no balls" but found out it had a loose belt. If you have any info on this procedure or a part number on the belt itself if you replaced it. I'd be very appreciative of any info you have. I stalled trying to drill a 1/2" hole 1.375 deep in 316L @480 rpm and 1.7 ipm in a peck cycle.

    Appreciate any help you can give

    Thanks Brett
    Hello Dan,
    I've been reading through some old posts regarding G-code for the Hurco BX control. In one post you offered a copy of the NC manual to another member. I would like to get a copy myself if your willing and still have it. I'll gladly pay for photocopies, shipping and whatever is needed. Thank you.
    sine cera
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