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    Digital Readout DITRON D80

    I just bought and mounted this DRO on my Bridgeport . All is almost fine... My X coordinate is reversed. The right hand side is reading -X and the left hand side is reading +X. Does anyone know how to flip the reference in the settings? thanks any help will be appreciated. I have considered...
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    Sizing a dro to the mill

    Hi All, I have a Bridgeport with a 42" table and a 24" knee. What length scales should l get? I understand the whole travel measurement calculation but, what about the width of the reader? Dan
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    No, Long gone. Sorry!

    No, Long gone. Sorry!
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    wire gauge for my VFD

    Thank you all for your responses. 10 gauge it is. And I realize that I was buying Chinese %$#* but budgets are budgets It will be use on a 3hp table saw. I will not be changing its speed so I figure the bulk of its electronics will stay static. I hope it stays up to the task. If I could...
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    wire gauge for my VFD

    LAPOND VFD Inverter 2.2KW 3HP 220V 10A. The distance will be about 25ft. normal I would wire with 10 gauge. my confusion comes from the size of the connection lugs on the VFD. They are so small that 10 gauge and even 12 gauge seems over sized. the Lugs are like 4-32 only metric. Dan
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    wire gauge for my VFD

    What is the proper wire gauge for a single ph 220v input? The VFD states the draw is 23amps max. The contact terminals & connectors that shipped with the VFD are blue for 16-14 gauge wire. This does not make sense. The VFD is for a 3ph/3hp motor 8.7amp draw. It seems to me that at a minimum I...
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    tapping a punched hole

    Follow up; the job is done. Rules of thumb are just that, I punched my holes at 13/32" and chased the holes with the required drill bit. I suspect the hot rolled is the reason I was able to punch smaller than my material thickness. Dan
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    tapping a punched hole

    Follow up I spoke to my tooling supplier "Petersen" was correct! As a rule of thumb your punch cannot be smaller then the thickness of your stock. Dan
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    tapping a punched hole

    uncle! I will drill the friggin hole! I should of asked the question before I quoted the job!
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    tapping a punched hole

    I have a (100) pcs of hot rolled 1/2" plate that i need to tap a 1/2-13 hole. Can I punch these holes with a 27/64" punch and run my tap through, or do I need to punch the hole undersized and size the hole with a drill bit? these plates are not for aerospace or anything like that. thanks Dan
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    Jacobs spindle nose lathe collet chuck

    Thanks all, A little humility to share, I did find the manual which gave me some time to think. I remount the chuck; the manual says I should have .004" between the face of the spindle and the back of the chuck before tightening. While checking this measurement I started to think about the...
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    Jacobs spindle nose lathe collet chuck

    Hi All, I just bought this chuck with a full set of the rubber collets. No more frustration of not have a collet for the odd diameter. Mounted it on my 10ee (1942) chucked a 1/2" dowel pin in the collet and got .025" run-out for a reading!!! pulled the rubber collet out and took a reading on...
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    What is involved in separating 10ee from base

    I swapped bases on my round dial. not sure how to direct you to the link so I have copied the header. There are pictures of the base and lathe separated. My reasons to this was I had a working power supply in the base of one and a lathe on the other. if you are going from a SB heavy to the...
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    Science Appreciate Monarch 10ee as well. But will it handle as you guys do?

    I saw that on the video too! I took a double take. Without seeing it I would have never ventured to try it, fearful of jamming or shearing a pin. It works on the round dial as well. Do you think its a happenstance or engineered? Dan
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    need to buy/borrow a "press collar" for lack of better name

    This was the rig I had made to push out the pin. My problem was making sure I was pushing from the small side of the pin.