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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    Thank you sir. I’m looking for the gear on the back end of the spindle shaft. The one that drives the thread and cross feed gears. It’s mia on this lathe. I saw a parts manual on your website that indicated this gear number is 30. If someone could send dimensions, tooth count it would be a big...
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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    I have a SB 11”. S/N 73719 Hey Steve, I have SB 11. Attached the serial card. Will try to add a picture. Working on restoration
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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    I’m new owner of a SB 11. S/N 73719 UMD delivered to Houston Tx 1/29/1937. Hopefully can find enough parts to bring it back to life.
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    1936 SB 11” Tool Room

    Hey Guys, new member here. Recently acquired a SB 11”. S/N card catalog # 111S. Tool Room model. Pretty rough shape. Have begun to tear down. Looking for the threading drive gear missing from the spindle shaft. Any help appreciated.