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  • I believe I did, but I do not remember what the solution was. I haven't ran that machine in years, but if I ever recall I will let you know.
    Hey Dave, a while back you posed about an issue you had where a t32-2 machine was pausing (freezing) after moving the subspindle to the designated B position. Did you ever solve it? Mine 1993 sqt10ms with t32-3 control is doing the same exact same thing now.
    Hi Dave,
    I just got a ST28N ATC MC (T32-3) from a tech school. The mechanics are like new since the machine was being used for demonstration and not production.
    I do not have any manual...
    The machine is completelly stopped since it is missing the parameters...
    I would like to contact you in order to ask few questions about the parameters...

    Eduardo - whatsapp +5511 966974533 - gmail [email protected]

    1989 Miyano JNC-45
    Hardinge 5C Collet Chuck
    Hardinge S20 Collet Chuck
    Kitigawa 8" Chuck
    10 Position Turret (1" Stick Tools)
    4500 RPM Spindle
    Fanuc OT Control


    You can come by and look at it if you want, we run it everyday.

    I noticed that you are in abbotsford, my shot is on the surrey / langley border.
    I have a 1989 Miyano 2-axis lathe that I will be getting rid off soon.
    Its a good machine, no problems, but it doesnt have live tooling.
    I can give you more info if you want.

    [email protected]
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