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  • Your trip through KC wouldnt be taking you through KY would it? I have an old power hack saw (big one) in Paint Lick, which is in the middle of the big end of KY. It's an old Peerless, cast iron, floor standing, model with a flat belt drive.

    Just in case you are going through that way

    Thanks in advance,

    I found your thread were you switched out a 3 ph wire welder to work on single ph.I must say I was very interested in your outcome.
    I would like to ask if you had the time,Could you tell me if it would be possible to convert a millermatic 300 to run on single phase?
    I have had this machine parked in the corner of the shop for over a year now ,and I could so use it to do some heavy welding.I am no electrician by any means ,but I am a millwright by trade so I am no idiot.
    I look forward to any info or ideas you could throw my way.
    Thanks for your time
    Aaron Smith
    [email protected]
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