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    Please help identify Monarch lathe found in pieces

    If you decide to scrap it, I'm looking for a steady rest and a few other parts for my 1944 16CY. If you refurbish it, I tore mine down, everything except the head stock. If you need any reference pics, questions about how things should go, etc, feel free to message me and I probably have pics...
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    A project for kids?

    Making a captured nut puzzle is neat. The ability to make something "smart adults" can't figure out will be rewarding
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    Help needed identifying items from purchased toolbox.

    This feels like the correct answer. The "flutes" don't seem functional and their position is inconsistent relative to the cone of the centers. It makes perfect sense that they are repurposed end mills.
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    Help needed identifying items from purchased toolbox.

    Thanks. Not really looking to sell unless someone has a need for the items. I'm not familiar with the centers with the single flute (if that's what it is). Guess that makes sens to clean up an existing center.
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    Help needed identifying items from purchased toolbox.

    I bought a used Kennedy box and I'm curious what these items are or where they might have been used. The first picture is the one I am interested in. The second is just another drawer for context of the stuff I found in the tool box.
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    Monarch 16 CY value

    I was offered $2,500 for my 30" 16CY before I restored it sight unseen. And it was in rough condition, no steady rest, no tooling, motor problems, one 3-jaw chuck that needed grinding, casting were mostly rust and multiple layers of failing paint. After restoring it, I wouldn't take less than...
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    Large specialized fixture table

    My problem is that I need to perform basic metrology on fragile sheet goods. Think sheets of glass. Max size is around 5' x 10'. Measurements needed would be overall dims, skew, etc. All 2D. Something like a large fixture plate would work. But it needs to be a felt-covered float table as well...
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    Another Monarch Taper Attachment Clamp

    My thought process is that the cross feed screw is always going to have backlash unless the whole unit is replaced with a ball screw setup which would be pretty invasive and would interfere with normal manual operation as well as the aesthetics of the lathe.
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    Another Monarch Taper Attachment Clamp

    That's weird. Logged in, I see the pictures. Not logged in, I see none. I'll try a different method of posting them below.
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    How to pick the right straight edge length

    Thank you for the great information. I'll contact Schmiede. I'd love to attend a Richard King scraping class. How does one find out the locations, costs, etc and get registered?
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    How to pick the right straight edge length

    What is the minimum practical size for a straight edge to scrape in a Bridgeport Series 1 9x42? I am looking at dgfoster's 18" and 26" featherweight castings. Machine Tool Reconditioning mentions methods for using shorter SEs on longer surfaces but doesn't provide any guidance on the limits of...
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    Another Monarch Taper Attachment Clamp

    Typical used Monarch owner here with a typical taper attachment clamp long lost to history. I fabber-cobbled what is likely the ugliest TA clamp in history from the parts bin. Yes that is part of the original tool holder that came with the lathe. My end goal is to turn the TA into a...
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    WTT: Dumore tool post grinder for rotary table or surface grinder

    I'm looking to trade my 3/4HP Dumore tool post grinder for a rotary table or surface grinder (with cash to make up the difference as needed). I'm a home gamer and don't need top of the line equipment. I' m not scared of having to refurbish things. The Dumore comes complete with all of the...
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    '85 Enco Bridgeport clone with weird oiling

    I went to shim the gibs on my 2nd hand 1985 Enco knee mill and the gibs had no oil ports. Furthermore, there is a one-shot oiler installed but no oil line runs to the Y-axis ways nor gibs. And on the X-axis, the oil comes out of the hole for the gib adjustment screw and no where else. My...