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    Wax or something to replicate surface roughness?

    casting plaster...
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    Why are pink granite surface plates far less common than black & grey?

    seems like the granite kitchen craze is taken over by synthetic quartz. Surface plates now only have to compete with dead people. My old Herman Pink has more white and less gray than the stuff from Salisbury as judged from online pictures, so who knows what the source is :). I know it is pink...
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    Emco Maximat V13 Tool Post replacement

    I bet this would fit :).... https://www.amazon.com/HHIP-3900-5310-Position-Quick-Change/dp/B01ABWTI72/ref=sr_1_19?crid=3CP6CMVG52ZW7&keywords=40%2Bposition%2Bmultifix%2Btoolpost&qid=1659068689&sprefix=40%2Bposition%2Bmultifix%2Btoolpost%2Caps%2C45&sr=8-19&th=1
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    Why are pink granite surface plates far less common than black & grey?

    I think the pink stuff comes from Lawton, Comanche Co., Oklahoma, or Ruby Red Quarry, in Wisconsin. Hard to tell, the stuff from Wisconsin seems to be more red than pink. According to Starrett, Herman stone was purchased to acquire the surface plate and granite gage capabilities, Herman stone...
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    How to deal with the proliferation of 3d printed nonsense?

    https://cprimestudios.com/blog/how-3d-printing-used-automotive-industry https://www.ge.com/additive/additive-manufacturing/industries/aviation-aerospace https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/ges-aerospace-revenue-up-27-amid-growth-in-3d-printing-upgraded-leap-engine-orders-212890/...
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    Source for individual parallels?

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    6" dia, bronze, steel tipped bullet 30 1/2" long, what did it fit?

    Get your metric calipers out, I bet it is 155mm and it was originally made for the M44 self-propelled howitzers.
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    What can we say about this part failure- bad design?

    In that case, I would reinforce it with a couple of long dowels along the long axis.
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    What can we say about this part failure- bad design?

    Looks like it broke right at the screw holes :), not sure why the ply design for the shaft. A solid piece of 2" by 3.5" straight-grained teak would hold up much better in that position. The other interesting bit is that the plies across the shaft seem thicker than those along the shaft. Are you...
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    Software solutions for small shops?

    may not be the best overall, but it will make your accountant happy https://quickbooks.intuit.com/desktop/enterprise/industry-solutions/manufacturing/ Any other, and you will have to figure out how to communicate with them.
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    Favorite hand tool brands no longer available

    Most of the precision stuff from Lufkin, Scherr- Tumico, Union, Taft-Peirce. I will think more, but those are on the top of my memory.
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    OT: What are the moderators leaning?

    Just be sure, I asked the question to confirm that I am not making things up :). There is a lot of teeth-gnashing about the internet having a "liberal bias".
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    OT: What are the moderators leaning?

    you could be funny if you tried...but what we live in is reality