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  • Hi Demo. Is that metric height gauge still available. Exactly what I am looking for. If so need ahippingnto va 23229

    Thanks Greg.
    Hey Jason I contacted you a while back about this lathe I don't think I can pass it up I will consult with my business partner tomorrow and try to come and get it
    That's a good price. What's the name of your company? Can I purchase them online? Thank you
    Thanks, for your opinion and not talking about something that dosn't have to do with my post. Do you have pix of your sharpener and what are it's capabilities and price. I know that I have enough dull mills to learn with but I will have to look at the price to figger out how many it will take to pay for it's self. Was the machine not precise enough for your liking or just time consuming?

    Thanks, Dave
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