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  • Wow, I was off target on your location, but that doesn't matter. Thanks for your background info, I was curious, but many times I probably appear too nosy. I collect old junk as well, and it's sorta outta control at this point. But it's fun! I've been self employed since 1979 and it's getting old but I keep going. Not getting any easier. I talked with George, I also felt sorry for him and the reverse-sticker-shock prices things went for. I wasn't ready for that. Just got a Burr King Vibe tumbler......to go with the other 5 I have......ha. My place is Kliegel Machine Co (104 Hibbard rd). Between exit 49 and 50 off I86.
    Have a great day!
    Dan - (continuing because of 1K limit on characters) -

    Hope you got what you were after. Things seemed to go pretty cheap from my view but then I am not in this business. I did feel bad for the owner, George, and his wife Deb because of that. Her Dad started the business years ago. This being the small town we have known each other a long time - my wife and I graduated from high school with George's sister, etc.

    Which shop is yours - I believe up in Big Flats? Make sure to holler at me if you see me somewhere.


    Dan -

    You are tracking me too good then. I actually live just outside Waverly - but our son and two grandkids are in Corning so we go back and forth a fair amount. I'm a retired engineer from Lockheed Martin (also retired from the reserve component side of the Army as I hung around after my two years a long time ago) and mess around too much with old cars, wood and metal. According to my wife I have a recessive gene from both sides of my family (she should know as we have been married 49 years and graduated from high school together) and collect too much old junk. I was actually bidding for my brother and nephew as well as myself - they are trying to get a few old machines for maintenance at their operation, not exactly high precision is needed. They think I know something about this stuff but I'm an amateur when it comes to actually machining something.

    Yep, I was there. Not sure how you recognized me. Although I was sitting and talking with Stephen Thomas - I am guessing you know him. You should have said something.

    I will be in your area mid July and could pick one up if you would consider selling one of them?
    Hello I was looking around on the internet and saw the tree j300 retrofit you did awhile back. I have the same machine and it has been some what refitted with camsoft and a galil board. Cant get to work right I dont know much about building a cnc but know how to run one. How did your work out with the stuff you used? Can you recommend any help with this project? Thanks Chris
    Hi, I just joined Practical Machinist and I see your located in upstate NY. I am located 10
    miles south of Utica. I have a small shop and looking to meet more people in the area.
    Where are you located? Thanks!
    Bob Yauger
    As a note, if you choose not to make your machine go, I can possibly arrange for Fagor to purchase those two PLC 64's from you.

    If you are interested, just let me know an idea on the price you want to get from them.

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