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  • Hi Doc I have read your rebuild of the Doall multiple times...it has been a great help. I hope your saw is still working for you.

    I recently posted about rebuilding a Doall 16 SFP. My saw was not in good shape when I got it and some of the parts that appear ok don’t seem to be assembled as I would have thought. In particular the Reeves pulleys...I don’t know if the assembly is installed correctly. One end is flush the other end is inset. Which end faces the snap ring is the question. Also the shaft these pulleys ride on has an elongated hole on the end with the snap ring and there is a setscrew in the casting at a location that would go into this elongated hole but mine did not have the setscrew tightened so the shaft was free to spin. Does the setscrew go into this elongated hole or against the shaft? Can I get pics of your assembly installed? Thx much Dan Brubaker
    Hey Doc, I want the cross slide, it appears to be very nearly the same as the one I need to replace. I'll be out of state next week but tell me the cost and give me an address and I'll send you a check tomorrow or Monday, you can hold shipping until you get the check if you like. If you want pay pal or direct deposit that works for me also. My address is: Thane Miller, pobox 2961, Valdez, Ak 99686. 907-255-1776. Thanks
    Hey doc, Did you recieve the B&S caliper last week? Let me know so I can clear my in box. Thanks,
    Thanks for your detailed comments on the HF throatless shear ! It looks like the basic elements are there, but a lot of tune-up is needed. I think I'll buy one. I'm glad you responded before the boss closed the thread.
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