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  • Hello,
    Your mailbox is full, I just purchased a 1969 Monarch 10EE and it has some speed control symptoms.
    I was wanting the info on the modern Diodes and brass mod’s you talk about.
    Would like to stay in touch by email. Mine is : [email protected]
    Kind Regards, Ken
    Donie, I read your post offering assistance to R J Newbould regarding a ball bearing spindle he wanted to rebuild. I have a 1945 Norton 618 with a Pope spindle and have posted a question regarding mine with no responses. I gathered from your comments that you may be familiar with them. I am a retired bus mechanic with some machine background and would like to make sure my spindle is ok before putting it into operation. Removing one of the plugs, I find it to have a heavy type of grease. Is this correct or should it be an oil? I have the hydraulics and all working great on the grinder and want the spindle to be right. I am in eastern Washington. You???

    I suspect after reading your posts for years, you may actually have your shit together and are probably a pretty damn good machinist- a rare thing these days.

    I manufacture machine tools and parts and occasionally need help getting parts made correctly. I occasionally make #3 Morse taper end mill holders, and I would like to find someone to accurately hone the bores. I DON'T make these in huge quantities, just enough to get me by for a few years, and not get bored out of my mind in the proccess. I need these honed to a 2 tenths tolerance with NO taper in the bores. I'm trying out a different proccess in making these, using the honed ID to grind the OD. Are you interested in some outside work? Brian Healy VersaMil Inc 503-985-0119
    I could not get that pin out on mine, not even movement.
    At one time, someone tack welded the rear jaw. The welds were not deep or good. I knocked them out with a chisel.
    The rear jaw was badly stuck, I tried the usual penetrating oils.
    Finally unstuck the rear jaw by, heating the rear section up and melting Bees Wax into the joint. Works good now.
    If nothing else works, try Bees Wax!
    Those old Parker vises are really nice, Swivel jaw ones seem to be rare.
    I just acquired a Parker 372 fixed base, swivel jaw vise similar to yours shown on a safe. It is missing the locking pin, but more importantly, it is very hard to swivel. I have to pound on the side of it with a block of wood and a hammer. I would like to take it apart to clean and lubricate it. Have you had yours apart? I think the pin with the round head on the side may have something to do with releasing the jaw from the main casting. Looking inside the casting there is a disc shaped plug that is the bottom of the jaw casting. It rotates in the main casting. I'm thinking of heating the casting and pressing it out. Here are photos.



    Good to hear from you!
    I do not know of anyone that will pay for a good machine right now.
    Its a bad time to sell, the market is very bad.

    Hey Donie,
    You still around?
    I'm getting ready to sell my blue 10ee, do you know anyone that might want it?
    How are things going for you?
    Steve (in case you forgot I'm the guy who stopped by your shop a few years ago on my way home to hood rivier oregon after buying the nice 1966 modular 10ee from up in Spokane.)
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