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  • Hi, I'm looking for some help removing the table on my new (to me) Gorton 9J. I saw your name on a thread about these mills, and I thought you could help. I spent about an hour looking at it all over to figure out how to get the table off, but I got nowhere. I can't seem to figure out how the micrometer dial is secured either. I know there must be a threaded block somewhere that I need to unbolt or something, but I can't for the life of me figure out where it is, or how to get to it. Any guidance?


    Doozer, I just picked up a grinder like yours. I need to go though the spindle on mine as well and do something with the motor. It's a 3 phase machine and I would like to run it on 220 single. Is there a way to look at the spindle housing and determine what type of bearings it has? The serial # is 9652. is this anywhere near the # on you machine? Alot of ?'s I know. It's a good machine only paid $300.00 for it. Came with a 115 volt magnet and built in dust collector. I'm hoping to put a 115 volt motor in for the vacuum and a 220 volt for the spindle. Shop garage, 3 phase isn't an option and I'm not crazy about phase convertors. If you get a chance get back to me. Also, where can I get a manual for this thing?
    Thanks Glenn
    Happy New Year!
    (Dan Adamchick?) Hello again, its Neil Hamilton, I visited you once a couple years ago in Orchard Park at Enidine. I hear from Eric Stempian's (long story, loaned him a lug wrench in a McDonalds parking lot a few weeks ago...) that you now work at a new place, and are no longer at Enidine.
    The reason I am writing is that Eric is looking to buy a mill and thought you might like to sell him one.
    Also, I recall you liked machining books-in my storage unit I think I have a Browne and Sharpe book you might be interested in trading for another book, or perhaps buying...
    In any case, please write to me at [email protected] when you get time, I'd like to hear from you. By the way, do you snowboard? The reason I ask is I go to Emery park sometimes...
    Neil Hamilton
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